Home Internet gate and personal cell spot

  • 31 December 2021
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I tried to use T-mobile home internet several months ago. The issue I had was that, in order to get decent (more then 1 bar) of cell phone signal in my home, I need to use a T-mobile Personal Cell Spot. The cell spot connects into my wired home Internet from a local ISP.

This caused issues with the Home Internet Gateway because instead of using the signal from the cell tower, it picked up the signal from the cell spot. The cell spot signal was on a band that was far to slow for home internet. I was getting maybe 9Mbps and it was inconsistent.

If I disconnect the personal cell spot, I had decent Home Internet (25 to 30 Mbps) which was great for where I live. The problem is that my phone reception then went down the tubes. 

Just checking if anyone else has this issue and if t-mobile has resolved the problem yet.



1 reply

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If your phone supports wireless calling, connect your phone to the T Mobile wireless that’s part of the T Mobile internet modem, you should be able make calls through your T Mobile internet.