Home Internet Gateway randomly restarts itself

  • 2 August 2020
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So I recently switched to T-Mobile’s Home Internet as the primary ISP for my home a few weeks ago, and I like it a lot, except for one major problem. The gateway (TM-RTL0102) seems to turn itself off and back on again at random times every day. It’s only off for a minute or so, but I play online games and it’s pretty frustrating to get randomly disconnected for seemingly no reason.

It’s usually only once a night or so (often around 8PM interestingly enough), but it has happened consecutively within a half hour or so as well.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and solved it or knows any easy solutions before I spend 2 hours on the phone with technical support.

4 replies


I’m having the same issue. Seems to have started a week or two ago. I was told to push the tiny reset switch with a paperclip and that seems to work for a day at best. Time to call support again.


I talked to customer support a day or two after this post was made, and the technician agreed that it was probably a hardware issue and submitted a warranty replacement ticket. I’m still waiting on the new unit to see if it solved the problem. 

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Has anyone checked to see if their modem is overheating?  With summer in full swing, sunlight or closed in spaces can raise the hardware temperature, especially when the modem is handing streaming or gaming traffic.  If the modem is getting hot, then perhaps a USB laptop cooler will help until the winter months return.  


I haven’t checked the temperature of the unit right after it shuts off, but I’d be surprised if that’s the problem. It’s in a shaded spot, and I’d think that if it’s overheating, it would stay off for a minute or two to cool down, but it always just immediately comes back on. The next time I catch it happen I’ll feel it to see if it’s hot. Interestingly enough, it’s a completely sealed unit and there’s no visible air vents in it whatsoever.

Unfortunately, T-mobile didn’t give me a tracking number or anything so I have no idea when the new one is supposed to be here or if they even sent it at all.