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  • 7 April 2021
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So I got the Nokia 5G cylindrical home internet router and all was good. Then one day I accidentally unplugged the cord and a whole mess ensued after I set it back up. 

My boyfriend has an Android phone and cannot

-cast to our Google Hubs anymore

-open links in his email in google chrome


We live in a garage apt and have home internet provided by the landlords, but it’s slow DSL. If I hook the old router back up and connect his phone to it, all works well. I have factory reset this Nokia router twice and cannot seem to get it to work like it did on day one. Any advise? My iPhone works perfectly fine with it. I did also reset his phones network settings and cleared his Spotify cache(which he was trying to cast to the Google Hubs we have). For now I’ve got my technology linked to the T-Mobile router and his linked to the old one with the DSL connection our landlords still provide us. 

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