Home Internet LTE plan and streaming: Usage?

  • 30 December 2020
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  1. I have read much about a “binge” and streaming but have the impression it is only used on t-mobile cell phone usage. I have the Home Internet Plan and am wondering how streaming through the t-mobile home internet affects the 50G limits? Is binge part of the home internet plan which if I read correctly allows 3x more streaming then the 50G before speeds are adjusted, so 150G? How does streaming affect home internet usage and will this apply to the new 5G home internet plan? Streaming service such as: Sling, Netflex, etc.
  1. Is there anyway to find out when 5G service and the new 5G router will be shipped out and started in a given area?
  2. Cell phone question: Will the 4G cell phones be able to connect to the 5G cell towers (off course at the reduced speed)?
  • Thanks so much - Bill

1 reply

So. I can try to answer some of these. The limits you are talking about are only on the cell phone plans. There is no 50gig limit on the router. The 50gig thing is only there so that anyone who uses less than that gets priority during peak hours and anyone who uses more gets less priority. I would also like to know when the new 5G routers will be sent as I need more internet now that I actually have home internet. And the cell tower question. They actually just upgraded all the old towers to have 5G. I don’t think there are towers that are just 5G. But otherwise. Your phone will still connect to the same towers as before