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  • 22 March 2021
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I just started using the new 5G Home Internet device.  This is my only T-Mobile device.  When I make changes to my account, a text message is often sent to this new phone number.  Is there a way for me to access those messages without having to look at the top of the device?

5 replies

I've noticed most of the messages I receive on the gateway are spam. Not that there is any way to see the whole message anyhow.

Regardless, we do need to receive text message codes in order to verify login to use T-Mobile Tuesdays, and delta sky wi-fi benefits.

Please tell us how to get the verification codes without a T-Mobile handset.

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If the device is assigned a number you should theoretically be able to use it with digits.

T-Mobile DIGITS | DIGITS Rate Plan | Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Yes, I tried digits, great idea. But the home internet lines don't work in digits…

Still can't find a way to log into T-mobile Tuesdays or delta in flight with my credentials because I can't receive the verification code.  

T-mobile needs to fix this. 

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I have a SyncUp Tracker and when I click on check voicemail it sends me to the Digits page.

Very strange that it doesn’t work.