Home internet not working with application WideOrbit, Connection reset by peer


Home Internet is working with Cisco VPN, BUT not working with a work application called, WideOrbit. Most of the time, the application is unable to start and if it does start after 3-5 minutes, the error message reads “ ELDSocketError: 10054;Socket Error # 10054 Connection reset by peer. “

I’ve tried multiple connections: Nokia gateway wirleess with laptop; Nokia gateway connected via ethernet cable to laptop; Nokia Gateway connected via ethernet to Asus RT-AX86u router connected wirelessly to laptop. This is the primary application (WideOrbit) my spouse uses while working from home and I’d hate to cancel Tmobile home internet b/c this one application doesn’t work. Thoughts, suggestions how to fix the error? Thank you in advance!


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Oh, you’ll want to give our Tech Care team a chance at getting this fixed. We have a dedicated team that can troubleshoot and get a Trouble Ticket filed with our engineering team if needed. 


Hi @tmo_mike_c , my spouse and I actually did call the Tech Care team yesterday and was told he would need to talk with the engineering team. Although it wasn’t clear to us if a ticket was submitted. Really hoping the issue of using the application can be resolved as I’m having to use/pay for two internet services (kept Xfinity just in case something like this happened).