home internet service bad in basements

  • 17 October 2021
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I have no other choice, I live in a basement with no windows, my question will be:

¿Is there an extra device I can hook up outside the house and run a very long cable to be able to have better connection? 
I can’t move to a 2nd floor like recommended, I have no windows and Verizon Fios is very expensive for me…

4 replies

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You can mount an antenna outside and run a cable to your gateway. Attaching the antenna looks like it requires some good skills to take the gateway apart.

If you can take the gateway outside on an extension cord and see if you can get a signal, that would be a good start. Try this on as many sides of the house as you can to see where the best signal is. 


See this post about using an antenna.





Thank you for the reply!

I know it’ll work boosting the router with an antenna, what bothers me is the extra cost on my expense; Since I don’t own the home I know for a fact the landlord won’t let me poke a hole to run a cable in front of the house, I can get away with it by running a cable that it’s probably more than 50 feet since antennas need to be high to work.

if T-Mobile doesn’t provide a service like that I’m being forced to return the device, take the lost money for the expenses and look for another provider!

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I would hope that you can get T-Mobile to not charge you if you can’t get it to work if you send the unit back before you’ve had it for 30 days. 

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For what it’s worth, I’ve had my modem in a basement for months and it has worked great.  Initially I just had it on a table.  Recently I figured out I was about 2 miles away from the tower and if I put the modem up in the rafters (I have an unfinished basement) then the signal does not have to go through concrete and it’s given me even faster speeds.