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  • 14 January 2022
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I’ve had my Nokia 5G21 for a few hours now.  It’s enough time for me to realize it’s a piece of junk.  I’m writing this from my current internet coverage because my the Nokia can’t even load the webpages.  I was going to upgrade the firmware as it was on 1.2102.00.0117 but It won’t let me.  I dug deeper to find this 

  • They're sent out in phases over a few weeks, so not all users get the update at the same time.

The first thing this thing should do is check for a firmware update if you’re not going to let me do it. Now my clock is ticking.  Maybe in a day, a week, or more I might get the updated firmware at a cost of $50.00.  I did a few reboots and a reset yet nothing changed.  The lack of control I have over the unit is amazing in this day and age.  It seems like a 15+ year old home equipment interface.  I can see my cell tower from my window as it’s 2 miles away but my signal is only good.  I moved it all around my house and even to outside.  I got poor and good.  That’s it.  The few moments I had bandwidth I got 28 down and 30 up.  Now the web interface shows 2 bar good connection but I have no data and it’s rush hour so maybe this is why.  I’m looking for a solution that provides a solid connection 24x7 as I work from home.  Double NAT is not ideal and dynamic IP stinks for me but I was going to use this as a second stream into my dual WAN Synology router.  I will look elsewhere.  

How disappointing T-mobile.  

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