Home Internet Signal Booster?

  • 13 March 2021
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We just received the grey gateway on Thursday.  We have 2 bars, & one of the users in the house is receiving a poor signal.  Is there any sort of signal booster for inside the home?  (I am waiting for a call back from T-Mobile customer service….the wait was 2 HOURS??)

2 replies


There’s a WiFi 6 MIMO radio built into your gateway.  That’s about as good as you can get.

I did a heatmap of my house (using the WiFi Heat Map from Meter. Inc from the Google Store) with first my old Netgear router and then my new gray gateway and the gray gateway blew the Netgear away.

Note that there is some mention of mesh networking in the settings of the gateway, so it is probably coming.

You can, as I just did, buy an external 5G antenna and follow the instructions on YouTube for hooking it up.  (The 5G MIMO antenna from WaveForm is $200.) That will allow you to move the gateway from the location where it receives 5G best to the location where it provides the best WiFi coverage for your house.  (The 5G MIMO antenna from WaveForm is $200.)

You can also use the Ethernet port to connect the gateway to an “access point” from somebody like Unifi.  Or you could even use an old WiFi router router as an access point if you can tolerate the “double NAT” issues.

Finally, I suspect that you can use any “repeater” that is compatible with WiFi 6.


OK, Let’s roll...and, Hey….Let’s be careful out there.


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Boosters are generally a waste of money on real antennas work.