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Is it possible to get a static IP with the 5G Home Internet service?  Normally I wouldn’t need it but since my connection dies at least once a week I get a new IP every time my modem reboots.  I work from home and whenever my IP changes I have to update some of my clients’ firewalls.

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As I understand it, no. All IPs are dynamic, firewalled and NATed.

Lets socalize this and get enough subscribers to post that they want this feature.  Post this question on Nextdoor, facebook, twitter, etc and ask fellow subscribers to post that they would like this feature and see if we can get their attention.

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It is dynamic. I have to reboot my Gateway at least once a week, sometimes more often. That makes me very sad. The problem for me with dynamic IP is my DirectTV Stream service uses a static IP to determine my home location. Yep, I know that is stupid, but that is what they do. So every time I reboot the Gateway, DirectTV Stream thinks I have moved. At this point they must think I live in a bus.They allow four moves in a year, then they lock you out of the max streams allowed of 20 (again, a ridiculous limit), and then cap you at two streams for another year. 

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There's no way to configure a static IP on the gateway. 

There's no way to configure a static IP on the gateway. 

That’s technically incorrect. Policy wise this may be correct if T-Mobile set up a policy that at lower levels the tech doesn’t have rights to change this. Now if T-Mobile created their own software for their routers and purposefully left out the capability to do this, then yes there wouldn’t be a way (without reprogramming). Which would mean that technically they can. ISP’s do this all the time and usually they do it for a small monthly fee, which would be smart from a business standpoint because then there would be more happy customers and they get more money. If they try to use the excuse that it would be too big of a headache, that would be a lie because then why would other companies offer this? It would only be an excuse so they wouldn’t have to offer it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love T-Mobile, but in this area for static IP’s, if they want to continue great customer service that I have had for the past 5 years, they would offer this.

I call Tmobile the other day, their representative told me their engineers are actively working on a solution to get static IP for tmobile 5G home internet, I dont know if that’s true or not, but I hope we can get static IP soon

The Hulu app has the same issue. It thinks you’ve moved and then won’t accept what it thinks is your new location. Had to chat with a Hulu rep. to resolve it, but it will undoubtedly happen again when the gateway IP changes.

Hulu app has same issue.

we joined T-Mobile home internet a bit over a month ago 

and I have had to text chat with them 5 times now re IP address change causing tv to not be allowed. It sees tv as a mobile device not a home internet.

also issues related that it drops your local stations.

while Hulu is helpful and resets it all this typically take 20 min to fix.

would be great if T-Mobile would set a static IP address per gateway to solve this issue. Thanks

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@foxhoundvenom I invite you to RTFM and find the setting for configuring static IP on Nokia gateways. Perhaps it's available on the generic Nokia Fastmile, or on other carriers' variants. 

@ghostlee13 Please know what your talking about before assuming. Further education is as follows: ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) can hand out static IP addresses to their customers and depending on how secure they want to make it can utilize a modem’s MAC (Media Access Control) Address in combination with login details to do so. This is the static IP address that @jlillard is referring to, because your public IP address is the one that shows up when you remote into another device external to your intranet (hence internet). The static IP address that I am presuming you are referring to since you were telling me to look it up on the manual for the gateway router, is for internal network routing purposes, thereby being any device in the internal network. He works from home over the internet, he is not trying to access clients internally on is own network. So whereby you are correct in that you cannot setup internal static IP addresses, you are incorrect as to what the question was actually.