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Is it possible to get a static IP with the 5G Home Internet service?  Normally I wouldn’t need it but since my connection dies at least once a week I get a new IP every time my modem reboots.  I work from home and whenever my IP changes I have to update some of my clients’ firewalls.

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PLEASE, PLEASE T-Mobile - allow a STATIC IP and this Internet service is GOLDEN.


You will have beaten ALL THE COMPETITION to a pulp.


When will we see this availability?

Is sorely needed for MANY clients.

Thank you!

I think static IP will not happen on wireless home internet, and you are all pushing on a rope.  The IP address space is finite, Tmobile’s share of addresses is limited, and this service use CGNAT to manage this limited resource.

Many of these stories have good reasons to need static addresses, like your work depends on it - wireless home internet is the wrong path for you.  Why would you wait or hope for a change in the design of this residential-consumer network?  

You have a manageable problem.  You can fix it by picking a business-oriented network.  It’s usually a wired connection.

Dear legendinmyownmind (love the moniker!):

I totally agree.

This is being offered as a “Home Internet” and there are many, many more ‘consumers’ who want/need this service than businesses.   

If there’s a work-around everyone on the forum is waiting for a response.

In my situation, I have six offices, and Comcast is the only provider in many of my service areas.

Comcast=the one we love to hate.

Locations with Verizon FIOS are using Verizon Fios.

I have a work-around for my VPN - not using a fixed IP, but connecting through a ‘named location’ (too much detail for this forum) and it works.

So, I am thankful for T-Mobile as depending on location my speeds are typically 300/100MB/s consistently for $50.00 per month vs. The evil Comcast. a business owner, from my experience one office location uses less data per month than the ‘typical’ consumer as no streaming downloads, only VOIP and web applicationss.




You can fix it by picking a business-oriented network.  It’s usually a wired connection.

Believe me I would love an alternate service, unfortunately the only other service available to me is satellite, and that can barely be called broadband. I am actually quite happy with TMHI, I routinely see speeds over 100 Mbps now and it continues to increases every month. At this point in 2022, since we have been planning for over 20 years we should be using all v6 networking. T-Mobile could easy accomplish this, especially since they were the first ISP to have a “100% v6” network, accomplished through ample use of 464 tunnels, so not a true v6 network. At this point they just need to drop the tunnels and let everything go real v6. This would solve the CGNAT, tunnel issue and static addressing issue. Seriously people its been 20 years, if you don’t have equipment at this point that can handle v6 we shouldn’t be held back because of it.

This topic has been open for nearly a year.


TMobile’s plan on addressing this are uncertain. I called today and heard “TMobile engineers are diligently working on providing this service and will send an email when available” (don’t call us, we’ll call you).  


It’s time to investigate other providers. 

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Same issue here as well. Mine has changed 3 times in the last 2 weeks. When I called they said it was because they’re updating my local tower and when they are done it won’t change as often (but no- they don’t have and this rep said, don’t plan to have, static IP address as an upgrade. Bummer because otherwise I do love my T-Mobile Home Internet. This might be a deal breaker for me though.


Fingers crossed that something changes!


how do you have any time for anything else but posting here

I spoke with a rep today she put a request in to get me a static IP address said she would get back with me in about 48 hours 


Yes most people don't need it for home internet and just fine having cg nat.  But some of us do need public IP directly Nike most other isp give you.


Will update when I get more info


I was unable to sign up for Venmo even after sending them a copy of my passport and driver’s license because they detected my location as being in Hawaii while my bank account and address were in my actual state of residence. I’ve also had whitelisting issues for work related projects because of changing IP addresses.


For those who need static IP, are you connecting to TM gateway directly? Has anyone tried this:

   TM Gateway → Router → Internet

All the client devices should connect thru the Router instead of directly to the TM Gateway, then configure the Router to Static IP

It’s not an expensive workaround.

For those who need static IP, are you connecting to TM gateway directly? Has anyone tried this:

   TM Gateway → Router → Internet

All the client devices should connect thru the Router instead of directly to the TM Gateway, then configure the Router to Static IP

It’s not an expensive workaround.

Prob just a miss type it would have to go

      Internet ---  TM Gateway  ----  Router

your unable to put your own router before the TM Gateway.  It needs it to get the cell connection.  


and you also have to get assigned a static IP from TM you cant just pick one and go with it.

Well it might work but for a short time I would bet and a short time could be weeks or even months till they figure it out.   

The GW is what gets the IP and unless you can do port FW or bridge mode which I am still waiting to see and hope they will be able to do being they said they will give me a Static IP.



I have the same problem, MY website can shut down everytime the address changes. Some times I am in Miami or Orlando or Chicago. I have to check in with my website and  set things straight. Also my U-Tube TV is always asking for my address. It doesn’t matter if you are using a router with a static address because it gets it information from T-Mobile

I am also a HULU user who just spent 45-60 minutes yesterday and 30 minutes today to get “Live TV” turned back on because my IP address changed. While on with tech support, one of the questions asked is ISP (internet provider). They give the “eye-roll” when they hear T-mobile AND Verizon. It sure would be great if static IP’s were available for the home internet.

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A couple fo technical corrections:

  • Just about every home internet gateway uses dynamic public IP addresses.
  • Most home internet services don’t even offer static IP addresses. Those are generally reserved for business customers.
  • Most smartphones support IPV6 which allows enough unique IP addresses for every single phone on the planet. IPV4 can only support about 4B unique IP addresses (32-Bit) while IPV6 is basically infinite (128-Bit).
  • TMO 5G gateways are stationary cellphones so the public IP will be IPV6. You can go to any website that shows your public IP and confirm it is indeed IPV6. You will also see your geolocation which is where the problem lies.

The reason why some web services don’t work when your public IP changes is due to geolocation. On a cable modem, your public IP will change but the geolocation will remain the same. With smartphones, your public IP will sometimes route to a different geolocation as some have experienced. If your web service requires geolocation, this issue makes your web service provider think you moved. On a smartphone, apps know that geolocation from public IP is not accurate so it relies on the actual GPS coordinates from the phone. However, for laptops and other network appliances, most don’t have GPS so web service providers need to use public IP as an approximation of the geolocation.

I’m sure TMO is aware this is a problem with home internet and will need to fix somehow.

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I spoke with a rep today she put a request in to get me a static IP address said she would get back with me in about 48 hours 

Will update when I get more info

Any update, I am getting tired of resetting my account because my IPv6 is in LA and I am in Lawrenceville GA.

Switched to T-mobile home internet because speeds by other providers were poor in my area.  I’m having same problem with Hulu with live tv.  It must be possible to have a static IP through a gateway because I had that with our previous provider.  The speeds were just low/inconsistent with them.  Other than waiting for T-mobile to start providing static IPs, has anyone had a good permanent solution from Hulu?  Seems they could “waive” the IP requirement for the accounts that need it or override the IP address location to always be the zip code of your home.

Just adding my complaint to the list. I have HULU LIVE. which I love, but had optimum Online which I hate. So I was excited get rid of optimum and to get Tmobile home internet.. had it for 2 days and have had to call HULU  for each day. Im really not sure if its solely a problem for TMOBILE to solve as Hulu wont work on my tv but has no problem working on my laptop, ipad and computer all on the same home network as my TV not to mention that I have no problem with Netflix, amazonPrime, Paramount+, disney+. I understand why its happening in regards to static IP and that would fix other issues aswell for users with bussiness. but in regards to HULU I think both HULU and TMOBILE should get together to solve this. In the meantime my only solution other than calling Hulu everyday is to use my phone to cast HULU onto my TV. the quailty is not as good. but unless I need to watch a movie in high quality its a good work around for now. 


Because T-Mobile doesn’t offer a free antivirus, like any other ISP does, I had to purchase BitDefender, that includes a VPN. Well, the VPN doesn’t work because I requires a FIXED IP address in the computer where it is installed.

When I asked support regarding Fixed IP addresses, I was told that I had to change my membership to Business type, obviously EXTRA-CHARGES, for something other ISP’s provide FREE.

Replying to boost. I work from home and have to cancel T-Mobile home internet because of this issue. 

HI Folks:

T-Mobile will need to provide static ip addresses if their home internet is to be a success.  I have used cellular based systems off of both Rogers and Bell Mobility in Canada and early on they offered both a public IP and static ip for a small additional fee.  I know that now Bell Mobility only supplies static ip service probably because public will fine if coupled with DDNS service for most purposes will not work for things like Hulu.  Keep asking they wil eventually supply it I am sure.  As for me I will return my device and revert back to my earlier service.  The T-Mobile system works well and I am disappointed to need to do this but I do need a static IP address facing the Internet for all the reasons mentioned above.



Get a NetGear router and u can configure that… works for ps4 connection as well 

A router behind the T-mobile device , no matter who makes, will not help unless you can get around the router in the t-mobile device.   I have not found a way to do that yet. 

If a recycle of the power is all you need there are devices on the market that will test you connection regularly using ping and if no response is found cycle the power.    The real need for static IP is to either access the local network remotely or to solve problems with sites like Hula who trying to keep sharing to a minimum.




You can customize your options through the router. I had to do it to get my ps4 to work because it doesn’t like dynamic ip’s… it also will allow you to set up a vpn or whatever else you need to do. Just try a router and custom configure it, you can always return it back to Walmart or Amazon. You configure one router and hook everything up to it including hulu

I use T-Mobile 5G internet at home and I am very pleased with it so far.  It has gone out a time or two in the beginning but seems to have been very stable of the last 4-5 months.

Since I was happy with the connection, I asked T-Mobile if the new “Business” 5G Internet came with Statis IP addresses.  This is something I need for my stores firewall connection and the NVR for our surveillance cameras.  They told me I can order Static IP’s for $5.00 a month per address.

Now I know this thread was on home internet but business internet is also 50.00 a month.

Maybe folks who need Static IP’s for their content services can use a business connection vs residential.


In any event, I’m moving forward with the T-Mobile solution with static IP’s since the DSL circuit I currently have at this store is very slow...too slow.

Thanks JBeck what you describe is the same as what Canadian providers are doing.  I too am very pleased with T Mobiles home Internet.