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Is it possible to get a static IP with the 5G Home Internet service?  Normally I wouldn’t need it but since my connection dies at least once a week I get a new IP every time my modem reboots.  I work from home and whenever my IP changes I have to update some of my clients’ firewalls.

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I use T-Mobile 5G internet at home and I am very pleased with it so far.  It has gone out a time or two in the beginning but seems to have been very stable of the last 4-5 months.

Since I was happy with the connection, I asked T-Mobile if the new “Business” 5G Internet came with Statis IP addresses.  This is something I need for my stores firewall connection and the NVR for our surveillance cameras.  They told me I can order Static IP’s for $5.00 a month per address.

Now I know this thread was on home internet but business internet is also 50.00 a month.

Maybe folks who need Static IP’s for their content services can use a business connection vs residential.


In any event, I’m moving forward with the T-Mobile solution with static IP’s since the DSL circuit I currently have at this store is very slow...too slow.

Good to know! Can a “Business Home Internet” be added to a personal account or does TMO require a new business account for business service?


I would kill to only have my T-Mobile internet go down ONLY once a week...I’m averaging NINE (9) drops a day!! I’ve called and called and still there is no resolution! I’m in IT and can’t afford all these drops. Here is something interesting, when the internet drops, so does my phone, and I don’t have it set for using internet calling...maybe I’ll start a thread on that

To Cali Cat

At this point I don’t know how a transition from res to biz would work or even if it is possible with Tmo

The store I’m preparing for is my first biz line from Tmo.  If I get any more info I will post it here.

I think static IP will not happen on wireless home internet, and you are all pushing on a rope.  The IP address space is finite, Tmobile’s share of addresses is limited, and this service use CGNAT to manage this limited resource.



Most people don’t need a constant static IP address. What they do need is one that doesn’t change that often. Or in my case, starting a few weeks ago, my IP address will flap between at least two different IPs - like when visiting a website. This makes it impossible to use any website that tracks my session using it. It instantly logs me out because my IP address changes on the next request. I am not sure how to stop this - I instead have to tether my t-mobile phone to keep a single IP address.


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A altternative for work for home withthe staticip problem iS TO USE A PROGRAM LIKE SPLASHTOP OR TEAMVIEWER to Connect to your office computer if your IT will not allow it then your SOL. It will keep the updated iP on the fly and is just a secure as a VPN .

I spoke with Tech Support about 1 and a half months ago on this very issue, and they said their engineers are working on it. I do not get my local channels on my FuboTv app. they change almost daily. I was going to cancel my TMHI, but they offered to suspend my account until they have a fix. Thankfully I didnt cancel my comcrap internet because I thought this might be an issue. (an issue I don’t have with comcrap.) If this cannot be resolved, it’s a deal breaker for me, but I want this to work so badly.

I call Tmobile the other day, their representative told me their engineers are actively working on a solution to get static IP for tmobile 5G home internet, I dont know if that’s true or not, but I hope we can get static IP soon

lol - Checking for a solution to this, came across this post. That is exactly what Tmobile told me as well today. Being as this was 9 months ago, doubt it is happening anytime soon. In other developments, doing research has led me to believe I could sign up for small business static ip. Unfortunately, this does not work at the moment, lol. But they are working on it. I have called repeatedly, and I keep getting read the scripts. I don’t need to hear scripts, I need Internet that allows me to work. This last call, I was polite, and every-time I heard the script, I reiterated my request for a solution. Finally was told there is no solution. Great.