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I recently jumped on the wagon for the T-Mobile home Internet, it was great for the first three weeks getting about 250Mbps download and close to 25Mbps on upload and now it’s super slow and keeps dropping some devices off the WiFi. I have to reset the modem to get the device to reconnect! it’s been a steady frustration that now it’s happening everyday. Is anyone else having the same issues? 


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Yes - same for me. I got the 5-G tower too- abd it does the same damn thing- especially late at night- T-Mobile started off great considering. But I think the issue is we do not have a 5 g tower close by. Closest us 3.75 miles! A bit far for 5-g

Are you a n Pensacola? We are in Bayou Chico. The phone gets real spotty too


I’m about a mile away from 5G, but still a frustrating situation. I hope they kick an update out and correct this issues. 


I’m in California, Ramona area 

We are having the same problem but only recently again. We travel for work, and service was sketchy In Dothan, Al. We went to Richmond, VA and were getting speeds about 200-275MB/s with no issue even living miles out of the city. Recently got to Springfield, MO and service was decent at first (I have 5 bars, and customer service even said we are in a perfect area for the tower) but it disconnects every other hour or so and won’t reconnect unless I unplug it. 

Note- I just switched from the older gray cylindrical home internet box, to the new smaller black box and same issue persists. Have had the new one hooked up for a couple of days now, and upgrading to the new one did nothing to help with the service interruptions.


That’s a bummer, let’s hope they get this problem situated asap. 

I’m about a mile away from 5G, but still a frustrating situation. I hope they kick an update out and correct this issues. 

I had those same problems plus couldn’t connect the printer. Thing was I KNEW where the problem was. The printer prints out all kinda good information. I just didn’t know how or  what exactly  to do. I’d call T-M ….ok miss. Uninstall  and reinstall T-Mobile app…. Unplug router ma’am. Are you serious. It’s in the network!!! Long story short…. Try resetting the your network. It cures alot of things. God luck.

I am in Illinois. I have to reset router every other day. They keep telling they will send the black router instead of silver all talk 

I am in Yakima WA and signed up for TMobile Home Internet last March.  Dropping and buffering was horrible in April, and is marginally better.  I experiencing complete dropping at least five times a day, and buffering too.  I have moved my Gateway tower to a window location, just this last Saturday (6/11/22) hoping this would improve the situation.  After moving it, Saturday and Sunday, experienced buffering, the message came up on the television that internet had dropped, but  the circle was still spinning so we waited another minute or two and it recovered.  Monday morning, however, was another story altogether 😒  I got up at 4:30 a.m. and internet was dropped, did the usual turn off/on and internet dropped again at 5:15 a.m., dropped again around noon, and again around 3:00 p.m.  I called messaged with TMobile Techs (this has been the 4th or 5th time I’ve gone this route), done the same exercise of them rebooting the tower, having me turn off, unplug and the re-plug in and turn on the tower.  That did not resolve the issue as (never did in the past either) and while I was responding to the Tech my service was dropped again!!!!  The Tech forwarded me to someone who was supposed to be more “Techy” than they were, so I proceed to have a phone conversation.  This new Tech has me do the same things I just did.  I told this person that I had just done these things without positive results, and what is the purpose of re-doing this exercise that did not work in the past?  So all I get from the Tech is the excuse that there were too many people trying to access the tower (definitely not at 4:30 a.m.), and that I will need to turn the Gateway tower off/on a couple times a week - which I have to do several times a day when getting dropped.  I have zero confidence in TMobile and their Tech staff.  I don’t think anyone knows what they are doing.  So it’s down to paying through the nose for reliable internet from Spectrum, and continuous price increases, or lousy internet service from TMobile at an affordable price.  I am NOT a happy TMobile customer.  I will not recommend TMobile to anyone.  I am stuck with them because of budget.  If someone with a brain can give me a coherent solution to my problem, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Oh how I feel your pain. In addition to your experience mine has been being on phone for the tech guy for over an hour at a time. Getting dropped 2-3 times. Tech promising to call and not following through. This is since March of this year. On an average 3-4 times a month. :( 

Yes! We are in San Diego and it has been awful! Particularly in the evenings. Last night we were trying to watch a basketball game and it constantly kept freezing. That was the 3rd strike. 1st strike was gateway died after 2 weeks. Took a week to get a new one and 2nd strike was they didn’t even bother to configure it. We were on the phone with them for over an hour trying to get it to work. We are back to looking for another internet provider that is reliable. Once football season starts and it keeps buffering that won’t fly in our household. It is super frustrating. We really want to like it for the price but not having to deal with inconsistency.

Same thing here in PA. It’s been awful the last three days I can even watch a whole movie without have to restart at least 2 or 3 times. If this keeps up I will be looking elsewhere. The price is nice but not worth the trade off of not having reliable service. 

Same issue.  I live in Vancouver and just am testing the new box out.  I was fine, but it was very slow running on full bars using 4G.  Once it goes to 5G it will run with 3 bars, but eventually disconnects and never re-connects until I reboot it! 


The other issue, can’t turn off wifi, can’t port forward, and no firewall capabilities.  I believe I will just return it.  So sad!  It would be a great solution if it worked!😪

I have had T-Mobile home internet with the grey Nokia tower in a Seattle suburb for about 6 months.  It randomly loses the internet signal and the only way to restore it is to power cycle the tower.  For the time period 4/14 to 6/17, the tower has lost the signal 77 times at random times. At the beginning of April I purchased a device called Keep Connect and it monitors the internet connection.  If the connection is lost, it power cycles the tower.  

It doesn't solve the real problem, but it does automate the restart process.

I’ve had the Arcadyan gateway for a few weeks with no connection problems until a couple of days ago. Then random disconnects and the occasional SIM error message. Upon checking the SIM card I noticed that it wasn’t seated properly. When I pushed it in, it didn't click into place plus it couldn’t be removed. Later on I noticed that it was slightly protruding again so I pushed it in and while it didn’t positively click into place it did appear properly seated. I worked the mechanism a fee times. It’s been seated that way for a few hours, hoping it stays that way. 

Before I was able to work the SIM mechanism, I contacted support. They were helpful and fully understood the problem and offered a replacement gateway. I’m hoping I won’t need a replacement as working the current gateway’s SIM mechanism seems to have helped. 

Our T-Mobile internet seems to be stable so far 2 weeks. However it’s doesn’t seem to be compatible with the work vpn. Drops the vpn regularly. I’ve heard lots of comments on this same issue and no real answer that will work for a vpn that’s managed by an employer.  
  Frustrating as I specifically asked tge sales person about using it with a vpn they said oh no problem. So might have to return it and wait to see if Verizon comes out with theirs in our area and see if it’s compatible.