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  • 1 March 2021
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Has anyone heard whether the beacons will be available to create a mesh environment? The Nokia tower has separate beacons that are available to add to help with home coverage. Just curious if T-Mo will have these available or not.

2 replies

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It doesn’t look like they’re available from Nokia yet. The Nokia website currently says, “the Nokia WiFi Beacon 6 is available for trials with selected service providers.” There’s no functionality in the T-Mobile Home Internet app to add a beacon yet, so we can’t try previous generations of Nokia Beacons (1 & 3). Hopefully they will make them available soon so we can place the gateway at the best location for getting a strong signal, and use a beacon or beacons to cover the whole home with WiFi (without having to mess with a third party solution).
Nokia WiFi Beacon 6 | Home WiFi | Nokia

The Nokia Beacons seem to be mostly setup by Nokia for specific providers. I did find a 3 Beacon 1 set on Amazon, thru Tech Armor stated as “used” (but maybe just unlocked). Needed better WiFi throughout the house & thought I should try them in the hopes they will connect with the future T-mobile Beacon 6 (if backward compatible to WiFi 5).  Ordered them at $99 & set them up with Nokia WiFi app (which becomes useless after setup). Used an ethernet cable from the gateway to the Main Beacon & accessed the Beacons from the Nokia online GUI app & had more control of Beacons.  Greatly improved WiFi thru the house but after IP conflicts or double NATs, got back in the GUI & switched the Main Beacon to Bridge Mode.  Our home location & hours of congestion are still the limiting factors of internet speed (max 35mbs to less than 1mbs during congestion) but inhouse Beacon Wifi keeps robots, doorbells, oven, firesticks and pc’s connected with each other without having to reconfigure devices every few days. Don’t have any WiFi 6 devices in home yet to test the gateway mesh (maybe the upcoming 4K Firestick Max will test the Gateway mesh 6 & be backward compatible to Wifi 5 of the Beacon 1 if not).