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just set up new Tmobile home internet in a rural area-all carriers are iffy here but the Tmobile speed and connection are ok at home (not so much in some communities near me).  That is the issue-I have my cell service on Verizon (best coverage all communities) and it will not connect a wifi calling attempt.  All other cell services work flawlessly and if I use a different sip the wifi calling works on the phone. I have tried a different router (actually 3 of them as well as mesh system all with the same results-internet traffic is good and no wifi calling)  I would like to resolve this and continue with Tmobile but without wifi calling its not helpful-any suggestions?

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I see there are no feedback on this question. I have the same concerns even with T-mobile cellular service and the High Speed Home Internet gateway. I cannot set my phone to use WiFi preferred since I switched over. It does allow for the Default which is Cellular preferred.

While that is OK at home where I have decent cell coverage but I don’t know if WiFi calling works or not. When I go  back to work, WiFi Calling is necessary since T-Mobile Cell service does not penetrate buildings very well.

Any feedback from any other HI users? Thanks!

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WiFi Calling doesn’t work too well with mesh systems, because that established connected can’t be passed around so easily.  WiFi Calling also requires a reasonable amount of bandwidth, both up and down.  QoS doesn’t adequately handle WiFi Calling well.  If you have 20Mbit up and more down and there isnt’ anything sucking up the rest of the bandwidth of the network.  It should work.  I have never had any issues getting WiFi Calling working with Asus routers.  I have owned 2 Asus RT-AC66U’s, an RTAC68W, and am currently using 2 RT-AX86U’s without any issues.  


Thanks for the quick reply. BW is not my problem. I am getting excellent BW since I upgraded to the Nokia 5G gateway. I don’t this Mesh is also the problem since I don’t use the gateway WiFi. I have all bands SSID disabled. I don’t see any other way to turn off WiFi on that gateway. A single Ethernet cable connects the gateway to my old NetGear RS-7000 router WAN port that is running FreshTomato software.

On the Internet side, everything seems running OK. Both my work and personal VPNs are working. Roku, Amazon FireTV & Netflix are all streaming. Even PLEX from my home based Synology server are streaming fine. So far, so good.

The only issue so far is WiFi-Calling and Group MMS under Signal. I’m not even sure if the cause is Signal side or the recipient’s phones. Looking for more information to help me debug.


Thanks again.



Could I ask your experience on how you are handling ipv6 on your Ausus routers? This is a concern to me that that the HS-Internet Gateway only deals with ipv6 and not combined ipv6/ipv4. I don’t have a lot of experience with setting ipv6 on my router side so I have it Disabled. Regardless, all my devices are working at this point.

I am still researching how to setup ipv6 handling on my FreshTomato router side.

Thanks for your advice.



I assume that you turned off the wifi on the T-Mobile router because the limited interface didn’t give you any way to secure it (disable uPnP, etc.)  This does not sound like a rookie to me.



A T-Mobile tech support rep told me they have some firmware issues on the 5G Home Gateway that is causing WiFi calling issues.

I am in the same boat - getting about 15Mbps on the 5G gateway 5Mbps on Verizon work phone. Calls not going through to work phone if WiFi calling is on.


If I turn off WiFi calling it somewhat works if I go outside - no fun in the rain.

That is because your phone uses Verizon.  And Verizon is a cdma carrier, and wifi calling does not work on cdma networks.  You must have a cellular service  that is a gsm network like T mobile is....

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That is because your phone uses Verizon.  And Verizon is a cdma carrier, and wifi calling does not work on cdma networks.  You must have a cellular service  that is a gsm network like T mobile is....

Actually, Verizon and AT&T as examples, use their own implementations of WiFi Calling and VoLTE that differ from the stock Android imementation designed by Google.

I am in a rural area with the same issue, internet runs great with the Home Gateway, but cannot make wireless calls from my Verizon phone. Has anyone found a solution to this issue? 

I am experiencing the same issue with my AT&T iPhone 13 Pro Max.  I have the T-Mobile 5g home internet gateway, with “the latest” firmware for it.  When I do speed tests from my phone I Wi-Fi- I test at 300mbps download and 50mbps upload.  

When my Wi-Fi calling is on (since my AT&T phone signal is only 1 or 2 bars I my area), I can make and receive phone calls… but the calls ALWAYS drop randomly… and also- when attempting to send texts messages with AND without pictures…. I sometimes have to retry- because it fails the first couple of tries. 

It happens A LOT more frequently on my Wife’s AT&T iPhone XR… 

Any idea of a setting / fix for this? 

This thread has been going for a while!

I’ve googled this issue for hours.  Is there a fix?


The engineers were aware over a year ago and haven’t addressed it?

I am having this issue quite frequently and drop calls constantly with the t-mobile gateway router -- every day multiple times per day when I’m within our home.  Wifi calling is enabled on my phone, but appears to not functioning with our t-mobile internet.  Texting is also an issue when on wifi.  I have Verizon cellular service (rural midwest) and an iPhone 14 Max Pro.  Everything works perfectly outside the 4 walls of our home.  Oddly, other family members have Verizon service as well and seem to not be having the same issue. 

Happy to know it’s not just me but frustrated to hear it’s an ongoing issue with seemingly no fix.  We may just have to cancel our t-mobile internet service (which is sad as it has been performing perfectly for us in all other ways).  

Any updates on this? We just got the 5G home internet and it’s fantastic! But the Wi-Fi calling issue is just that… an issue. We use Cricket Wireless which runs off of AT&T