Home Wifi not added to saved network on Android

  • 14 June 2022
  • 3 replies


I have a Pixel 4a, and just got TMo home internet. So far I’m loving the speeds and the cost. I have the Arcadyan gateway. I can connect my phone with no issues.


  • I never see the network added to my saved network list, and
  • if I get disconnected, I get an authentication problem, and it doesn’t reconnect. 
  • If I cycle power on my phone, it connects with no issue, or
  • I have to enter the password to get it to connect.

My wife also has a android phone (moto-G) and it works as expected, so I suspect it’s a Pixel problem, although I had no problem with the Netgear router that I used prior to switching.


Anyone see anything similar?



3 replies


OK, problem resolved. I had to perform a factory reset on my phone. I first tried a network reset, which didn’t help. There may have been a more elegant solution, but I couldn’t find it.


I just wanted to update this in case someone else runs into the same problem. 

I have this same issue with my Pixel 4.

Also, my parents came to visit and they both had Pixel 3's with the same issue. The network will not save. My partner's iPhone, our smart TV, and Xbox One remember the network fine, so it seems to be a Pixel issue.


If I'm home all day, it's fine. If I go out and come back, I have to reconnect and enter the password. 


I really don't want to do a factory reset and sort of don't believe that will fix the issue anyway.


Anyone else find a different solution?

Also, I called the Tmo support line and chatted with 2 different folks for over an hour and it was very unhelpful and extremely frustrating. They didn't seem to understand the problem and gave me textbook steps to "forget the network" even though that isn't possible as my device won't add it to my list of saved networks. 

I also find it surprising that there isn't more people having this issues with over 1 million subscribers at this point. Nobody else out there using Pixels or .. they are all fine re-entering their passwords 5x a day?