How to handle lack of WPS button on new Home Internet Router

  • 26 February 2021
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Hi, I got the new Home Internet Cylinder router.  Pretty simple setup but the speeds are good and the price is right.  I have a few devices I have always used WPS to connect.  Some extenders and some indoor cameras.  Can’t figure out how to do it now.  I do not see a WPS button.

Am I missing something?  The interface is so simple but maybe it will get better with time.


2 replies

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In addition to WPS, most extenders have a second option for connecting through a web interface. Check your extender model start-up instructions booklet or Google for the manufacturer extender “support” page or for a YouTube video.


Thanks much for your help. I think the device I have is so simple and rudimentary that I am not able to do that.  It’s pretty old.  I will explore and do some searching by model number.

It’s the cameras that are driving me nuts.  Not sure what to do about that.  Even without a physical button, most routers will let you press something on the router interface to put it in WPS mode.

Giving this some time to see what unfolds.

Take care.