How to return internet gateway

  • 20 November 2021
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I attempted to return my 5G gateway to my local store….they said they couldn’t do it….what do I need to do to get rid of this?

6 replies

If you ordered your gateway online you have to return it the same way. If you ordered your gateway from a local brick & mortar store you can return it to the store. Sounds like you may have ordered it online so you will need to contact the T-mobile home internet help tech’s online. And they will send you a return label. At least that is what happened to me.

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You can go to a store and have them call home internet tech support for you. They can cancel the service and email you a prepaid UPS label.

Im literally sitting in a T-Mobile store rn trying to return the equipment. The store rep has been on hold for over an hour just to get a MF label. This shit is CRAZY!!!! I’m so angry!



Yea with the joke or meme if you will of this internet service I might have to do the same. I gave it a month my home internet is faster and reliable Which means while the download of the gateway CAN be faster the upload isn’t and the speed is inconsistent with most the time me getting slower internet. Maybe in the future I might try again. To put it into perspective my home internet I can stream video to friends. This “5g beta” I might do it time to time and rarely disconnect till I’m done. The amount of people saying their cell phones getting better signal and consistent speed is embarrassing. I feel like this will be a thing in the future but please make sure home internet users can use the internet next time. 50/mo for god tier speeds to snail speeds is fine but make sure people at least have usable upload and download you should strive for 20 MBPS up and 30 down during busy congestive times of the day.

Even when Speed test claims 100 MBPS loading a webpage nothing else takes a long time for 100MBPS internet...


Yeah you think the store would be able to print you a label. Also I only pay $60 per month for spectrum internet and I average 180 to 200 Mbps so right now this 5g is not good. In fact if I turn the wifi off on my S21 and connect to the T-Mobile 5gUC I get 3x faster speeds sitting right next to the gateway. So I'm returning it also 

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Unfortunately, from my own experience and many other users’ complaints the retail stores have no idea how to support home internet service. While we can cut TMO some slack with the understanding that home internet bears very little semblance to cell phone service and equipment, TMO could have done a whole lot better with some training. Ironically (or coincidentally?) when I went to my local store the first thing they said to me while processing my order was “sorry but our office internet is so slow”. When I asked what service they used, they said it was Spectrum cable. This is considering that my TMO gateway gets 250-350 mbps down and 15-20 mbps up and the store has better cellphone signal than I do at my house. Go figure.

On the other hand, it’s the opposite experience for the cable providers trying to add cellphone service.