Hulu + Live TV won't work on my TV

  • 11 November 2019
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I recently tried a trial subscription of Hulu + Live TV through my T-Mobile Home Internet Service. It won't work due to their security measures. I signed in using my laptop and that worked fine. I managed my account and added my Samsung TV. Went to my TV to activate it and I got an error message. Chatted with tech support and they said my IP address for the TV was in the wrong zip code area. My IP is likely generated from a router in Somerville, MA whereas I live in Wells, ME.

The laptop works because they expect a laptop to move around but they can't buy that my TV in Wells has a Somerville IP address. Tech offered no work around other than to cast it to my TV.

Just an observation in case anyone is contemplating the Hulu + Live TV service, it may not work.

13 replies

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Have you checked the zip code in the settings for the TV?

BTW, I love the Wells/Kennebunkport area of Maine.

Missed going the last 2 years and I hope to go back next year.

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Hulu has a system in place that locks in your home IP.  This can only be changed 4 times within a month or a maximum of 4 IP's can only be used per month for the service.  Live TV does not work outside of your home IP address but streaming content will. 

If you think the IP address is the issue, then contact your ISP.  If you are using T-Mobile's wireless internet, then the IP address provided by the tower might be coming from a neighboring County. 

Hulu is ver stubborn when it comes to how they restrict their service.  I was considering them a couple of months ago because I wanted my locals when we travel away for he for local news broadcasts.  I was told that wouldn't be possible because of the way their system works.  Anything outside of my local Cox assigned IP would not allow live TV.

Hulu asks for my zip code and when I enter it, it asks me if I'm sure I want to change it and then I get an error message.

When I go to live TV I am seeing a black screen and a running line.

I just got TMobile home internet and the same thing happened, I lost live tv on Hulu.  I called and the Hulu rep said it's the mobile IP address.  I'm curious if this can be resolved by being issued a static IP or using a VPN.

What's really irritating, when I talked to TMobile about home internet, I told them I stream EVERYTHING.  I guess lige tv isn't a part of "everything".

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Hulu Live TV and Hulu's system needs a home network. Basically it uses this check in system. You cannot use it with any mobile provider at all without proper Home Network Check-in. Hulu simply cannot be used for anyone with only mobile data because the location and IP changes based on best quality of service. That being said it's Hulu's fault and absolutely no one else's. Hulu just has a terrible system setup. This is like early 2000s Compact Disc DRM nonsense from hell. 

I also have the same problem: T-mobile home internet uses a mobile IP address and Hulu + Live TV doesn’t work on a “home device” (TV) that is associated with a mobile IP address, etc.

I was able to set up monitor mirroring using my Macbook Air and my old (8 years?) Apple TV black brick but there were lags and freezes that made it unwatchable.  I’m considering buying a Chromecast but am not sure if that will fix the problem simply by being newer technology compared to my old Apple TV device. 

Also, it looks like the newest version of Chromecast is not compatible with laptops - it now only works with mobile devices (am I right about that?). I suppose I could relent and use an iPad but would rather use the laptop.

Thunderbolt to HDMI would probably work, but then my laptop is anchored to the TV.  

Does anyone have ideas or workarounds for this? 

Thank you!

Hulu asks for my zip code and when I enter it, it asks me if I'm sure I want to change it and then I get an error message.

Same, any update on this?

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I had to drop Hulu TV because I was also told the IP was mobile. Signed up with YouTubeTV and it works just fine (and the guide is much better too)

I am having the same issues with Hulu. I can not log in or get Hulu to load using my T-mobile Home internet but when I use my T-mobile hotspot from my phone it works with lagging. Very confused 🤔 I don't have Hulu Live, just Hulu.


So I am a new T Mobile home internet user, whats everyone using for live internet based TV??

So I am a new T Mobile home internet user, whats everyone using for live internet based TV??

You Tube TV and Philo…  Now You Tube and Roku are fighting so I cannot use You Tube TV from my new Roku devices. 

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You can still use YouTube tv you just access it through YouTube just look at the bottom and there’s a Icon at the bottom.