I can have t-mobile cell phone service or home internet, but not both

  • 27 September 2021
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So, several years ago I had to get a T-Mobile personal 4g LTE CellSpot to hook up to my internet router because the cell signal inside mu house is terrible. At the time, I was told this would not be an issue in the future as towers in the area were being upgraded.  

Recently, I ordered T-mobile Home Internet. After I hooked it up, I was getting terrible speed. The issue was largely due to the fact I still had my Frontier router hooked up, so I shut it down. This also shut down the Personal CellSpot.

What was happening is the T-Mobile gateway was picking up the signal from the personal cellspot.

When I shut down the frontier router and cellspot the gateway went from using B66 to B71 and I was getting 22 to 30 MBPS. 

There is no way to hook up the cellspot and, surprise, those tower upgrades have never happened. The T-mobile map shows my area as 5G Extended. It turns out that is not 100% accurate. The signals in my area - both the 5G and 4G LTE - are not strong enought to penetrate buildings (this is according to a T-mobile tech rep).

So, if I plug in and start using my old frontier router, I can hook up the cellspot and get good phone reception…..but horrible internet speed.

If I leave the Frontier router disconnected and therefore do not have the cellspot, I get decent internet speed (considering I am in a rural area) but my phone becomes useless…...dropped calls, calls going direct to VM etc.

T-mobile has a lot of bugs yet to iron out and, sadly, they are in no way equioed to handle the issues their system runs into outside of urban settings.


3 replies

I’m glad I haven’t made the switch to T-Mobile home internet. I really wanted to. I’m tired of my current ISP and their data caps which I have to monitor closely, and the T-Mobile plan price is very good. Then I realized it would have to work with my CellSpot, but how? The CellSpot works via my wired internet. The new internet would depend on the CellSpot to work and the CellSpot would depend on internet which depends on CellSpot. As someone said on a related thread “a snake eating its tail.” 

So I checked the forums and read enough to realize T-Mobile never thought of this. Or they hoped nobody would notice. Seems the only way it will ever be fixed is if T-Mobile makes their towers strong enough to actually work on their own without the in-home boost from the wifi-dependent CellSpot. I guess I can use T-Mobile for cell phones or home internet but not both.  Too bad. 

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I tried WiFi calling, but I get dropped calls and calling going direct to VM...without notifing me I even have a call….

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Are you able to use Wi-Fi calling?