If internet is bad...will it get better?

  • 19 May 2022
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I just got my 5g Home Internet Gateway. I’ve found the best possible place to put the gateway (second floor near a window) where it indicated it has “very good internet” but I’m only getting 2-17mbps. On a good day I’ll get 20mbps for a little bit but it inevitably drops back down. However, it’s not strong enough to do any kind of gaming :( 


When I call customer support, they tell me the same thing, like off of a script. My tower is updating or just updated and allow three days. I’ve called twice now. How can I just keep waiting three more days? My “assigned T-Mobile expert” will not email me back (Thanks Ashely Delwin for your wonderful support!). 


I feel like they are giving me the runaround. Maybe prolonging the time I have it to boost their sales numbers?


The question is, if my internet is this bad right now...will it really get any better? Or should I cut my losses. Is there a booster I can buy and attach to it that might help? I have very limited service options where I am in NC so I’d really want this to work. If I could get 50 mbps consistently I’d be happy. 


I appreciate any advice :(

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Try to re-position using the method in this video. Once you figure out what direction is best, you want to place your gateway has high as possible to be as much within line of sight as possible. Windows are great, but make sure you don’t have older metal screens since those are effectively faraday cages.

50 mbps should be doable even on 4G.