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Just installed a Home Internet kit and I want to change the IP address scheme on the device to match all the other devices in my house.  

I have too many IOT devices with fixed IPs to try and change the IP addresses on them all. 

I looked all through the app and I can see the address but cannot change it. 

I connected via browser and same results. 


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The router functionality of the 5G home internet gateway is cripple-- we all hope T-Mobile improves it soon. In the meantime, customers with more complicated setups as we have are just connecting their existing wireless router to the gateway via ethernet in place of our former DSL modem or cable modem. Now, if you used either of those as your router with your old ISP, then you might have to spring for a decent wireless router and set up your network IP scheme to fit your needs, but there’s still no bridge mode or port forwarding. If your only need is to replicate your IP subnet, pretty much any router will work fine for that.


I have an Orbi router with one satellite that was connected to a Spectrum cable modem. I initially connected the new gateway to the Orbi and it worked fine. 

My goal was simplicity though.  To quote Scotty from the original Star Trek series “The more complicate ya make them the easier it is to break them”.

I was able to change the SSID and password to match what was on the Orbi so many things woke up and connected.

I went through and changed all the other things that had a static IP to the format.

The only issue now is my D-Link cameras aren’t showing up on the mydlink app.  I am suspecting they have the port they need to communicate on blocked.   I will run them through the dlink setup again and see if they show up.

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