internet and live tv

  • 18 June 2021
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My internet works fine for browsing and Netflix but when I try to watch live tv on espn app or mlb app it won’t work or even load. Also latency for gaming is horrible. Anyone else have same issue when trying to stream live tv through apps?

3 replies

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Any form of wireless introduces a lot of latency.  Most streaming services require very specific location data, which the T-Mobile wireless internet modem can’t actually provide.  This usually causes the location to be detected quite far away from your actual location.  Streaming services also require minimum speeds for them to work properly.  If you are not meeting that minimum speed at the time you try and start the stream, it might not load the stream.  

My issue is that I get a "not authorized by your provider" message, when trying to stream live NBC broadcasts. I am using the latest Firestick, and I have figured out how to disconnect from my old ISP, but there's no listing to connect to T-Mobile. What to do!?

I have the exact same problem. Netflix works fine, internet browsing usually ok but tv apps won’t load or buffers horribly. I can turn my Verizon hotspot on and live tv will load but buffers.