Internet Gateway, Lost in Space?

  • 23 November 2021
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Hello everyone…

I started with T-Mobile in September with two cell lines and a gateway with the hopes of receiving good service after leaving a competitor. I received my first gateway and it was a defect right out of the box. The gateway had a return shipping label in the box and after contacting T-Mobile advising of the issue; I went immediately to UPS and shipped same day. I received a second gateway several days later and it too was defective upon arrival. Again, the box contained a return shipping label and again after contacting T-Mobile I went immediately to UPS and shipped same day. I have been charged a non-return fee twice and have contacted T-Mobile exactly eleven times to try to dispute the non-return fees. I was told that they never include a return shipping label in the box even though there was a return shipping label in both boxes and was sent another via email to use instead. I continue to have an uphill battle with T-Mobile to this day. It appears that when the gateway arrives at the return address it just sit’s in the warehouse with no one indicating as received? I do not understand how they control inventory for the gateway? If it was lost via UPS or lost at the warehouse; i have no control over either and do not see how i can be charged a non-return fee. Who in the world would want to hold on to a defective gateway and be charged for it?????? Ridiculous!!!!!!  I see no out to this and i guess i will have to move again to another provider? 


Has anyone else had a similar issue regarding gateway return?

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