Is my gateway broken?

  • 11 September 2021
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Everything working fine for months, Then the night before, streaming hiccuping. The next morning internet response time very slow. All may have been unrelated, but the gateway then stopped working.  TMobile support not very helpful, just told me to turn things on and off in every possible way. No help. They spend more time apologizing than anything else.

The current symptoms.

When the gateway boots I get

  1. the flashing T
  2. then a no connection icon, circle with X in it
  3.  followed a couple of seconds later with a connection icon with 3 pink bars active.
  4. 0 devices connected, no alerts or messages

After this the TMobile Wi-Fi does not show up on any device’s available Wi-Fi list. The ethernet connection is not active, and therefore unable to connect to the control gui at

I have tried to reset the gateway, but the button is not working. There is no countdown indicating a restart is about to happen. Does nothing.

Does this look like the gateway is broken?

3 replies

I woke up to the very same symptoms today 09/15/2021.  Has yours resolved?



The gateway device was broken. New gateway had everything back up and running in 10 minutes. You do have to go through a bunch of hoops to get them to send you a replacement.


Thanks much for getting got me on the right track.  Appreciated. 

Used the Customer Service number on the App and got an “expert” in about 15mins.

I was able to get back up using the ‘Paper-Clip” hard Factory Re-Set poking the relief button on the back of the Gateway (I have the cylinder type), but not before going through some hoops and loops as you mentioned….Wait for a call-back...Explain...move on to another department...wait with elevator music...Explain again...repeat all the steps I took before I called then finally on to the fix.  

Not sure if a user could make this work independently as they had to do a 3 minute long “Connection Request” on their end once before the reset and then once more after the reset.  If this happens again, I’ll try it myself before I call.

The reset does wipe out any custom/personal settings so all your devices have to be shut down and then signed in again with the security key on the device...not the easy one I had changed it to.

They did say that there was some maintenance activity on a tower near me but, I’m more inclined to think my company doing a major upgrade (Windows/Office) on my computer was the cause.  I got a message saying that “an uncaptured portal was detected”, whatever that means, and that’s when it all went bad.  Who knows?  I’m up now and not arguing with success.

Anyway, thanks again for responding.