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  • 4 April 2021
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Things that I've seen that don't work right:

Using phone login and logoff for Facebook

Gmail links from email don't work on phone

Pokémon network playing on switch

Metalgear 5 online component

Appgate software VPN routing

Ipv6 to internal boxes seems blocked 


For FB I disconnect from gateway to login and logout

Gmail I copy url and use it directly in browser (copying gets rid of the Google wrapper on the link) 

For VPN I still have access to a normal Cisco VPN currently,  so I can work around that

The video games just don't have online working,  no fix. 


Are these issues common or unique to my gateway? 

3 replies

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is about par for the course.

A LARGE part of It is an issue with the 464XLAT tunneling for managing IPV4 on their IPv6 only network. Basically it is stripping/filtering port assignments, breaking critical NAT functionality for inbound traffic. So if anything is requiring ports to be opened/forwarded through the public IP to your interneal IP, it gets broken before it even gets to your local modem/router.

Their reduced packet size can also knacker with certain VPN’s because TMO’s is set lower than what the VPN is using, which can fragment communications or cause dropped packets.

They need to find a better way to handle dual V4/V6 traffic.

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You sound super knowledgeable and we do want your internet to work properly. If you’ve already tried the steps on our T-Mobile Home Internet page, you’ll want to reach out to our T-Force Team through Twitter or Facebook to get this resolved. 


So getting Twitter support I finally got to Emma (third person, probably because shift change) and she did something and a reset of the gateway and my issues seem to be better (pokemon still crashes on raids, but it’s the adult child playing, so I don’t really care)  No idea about other game online stuff but all of my work stuff is now happy. :-)