Kicked Off Another Internet service for copyright infringement

  • 10 March 2021
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I was with HughesNet Internet service for quite a number of years, paid my bill every time, on time. Never had any problems with them. But one day I received an email telling me to to “cease downloading content that is in violation of the Copyright Laws. A copyright owner has made multiple complaints that an alleged infringement occurred over HughesNet at the Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with your Site Account Number”

I thought it was spam, so I just put in my spam folder, until the next day I was told that they were cutting my service off, because of that. What made me mad, was they didn’t say a thing about what it was I was downloading  that I was be cut off for.  Why couldn’t they have just blocked whatever website it was, from anyone going to it?

I do sometimes download music, or movies, or documents, or some audio, from certain shows, and I do like to download cooking shows, or other shows from youtube, and I do surf around most of the day, after reading all my newsletters, which I have signed up to receive many of those, so I had no idea what it could have been, that I was being cut off for. 

I don’t work, and so most of the day, I spend on the internet, watching, and learning, and downloading many different things. 

At the time, I had finished my two year contract with them,  and was looking around for another internet service, and found that T-mobile had a good plan that I liked, but then I saw that I could sign up with 1 year with HughesNet, and did that, but then,I accidently signed up with T-Mobile too, and seeing how I had just signed up with HughesNet, the day before, I called them, and tried to get out of that 1 year contract, but they said I could not.  So I figured, I’d just keep both of them, and pay for both of them.

But within a couple of months, I got that copyright notice from them, and as there wasn’t any time for me to react to it, between the 2nd notice, and them cutting me off (as I ignored the first one thinking it was spam), I was very happy, that I had signed up with T-Mobile too. 

I’ve read the Terms and all the rules of T-Mobile on this subject, but I’m still left wondering, if they will tell me exactly what the website is, when I’ve downloaded something that is copyrighted, or will they just at least, just block that certain website from me or other people downloading from it!!  

Seems like it would be easier for an internet service to block a website, that people could go to, and take something from it, than cutting that person off from their service altogether, and losing that person’s business, who have been consistenly with them for some time, and never have had any problems with them, monetary included. 

Why would a website have something downloadable anyway, if they didn’t want people to take it?  Certainly a website designer knows how to make sure that something on their site is non-downloadable, right?  I don’t understand it, unless it’s a trap, and their just trying to ruin people on purpose. But where’s the gain in that? 

I can only hope, that T-Mobile is not as low as some other certain internet services are, but from what I’ve seen so far, from reading in this community section, that a lot of people are very happy with them, and I believe I will be too, and hope to have my internet service home here for a while. I live in an rural area, and the nearest tower is quite some distance away, but for me, the speed of T-Mobile, and it’s price is perfect for me.

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Any movie or TV show downloaded from a web site or using a torrent is breaking copyright restrictions according to the DMCA.  Just because a site makes a download available doesn’t mean it’s legal to do so. There are no legal free downloads.

Stick with streaming service subscriptions.