Locating Cell Towers - Has the process changed?

  • 6 April 2021
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Previously I used the CGI number from the Cell Tower Connection Metrics in the Home Internet App to located my tower on Cellmapper. (drop the first six digits (i.e. 310260) and divide the remaining by 256.) Doing this with a current CGI number  I find a tower in Florida while I am in the midwest.


Is this changing with the update of the towers to support 5g?


2 replies

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In my market, certain fields in the Tmobile app align directly with fields in the data for a particular cell on a tower.  No funky manipulation of the data required.

 TMO CGI=Cell Identifier on cellmapper

TMO CID=PCI on cellmapper

These are a direct 1:1 link.


Should note that a lot of that data may not be current.  Many of the Cells note data dating back into 2019… “First seen”, “Last Seen” fields.  The more “recent” data I see in my area is only as current as Jan/Feb of this year.  Have seen me connect to sites not referenced anywhere in my area on their maps.

I have been trying to figure my tower(s) and while I believe I have located the towers, I can find nothing where the numbers showing on the T-Mobile CGI to a tower ID using Cell Mapper.