Login to hotspot gateway device

  • 30 September 2022
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I am using the model FAST 5688W gateway and want to login to that to change SSID and wireless password. I cannot login via the gateway’s IP address of (it brings a page says use the app to control the gateway). Any help will be great. Thanks,

3 replies

I am having the same issue.  Not sure what changed because I have been able to log into the gateway in the past. 

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You must use the T-Mobile home internet MOBILE APPLICATION. That is not in the WEB GUI of the newest gateway offering by T-Mobile. 

There was a firmware update to the Arcadyan that crippled the management. Goto the mobile application OR use one of Nater Tater’s back door workarounds. 

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Of the three T-Mobile 5G gateways only the Nokia still has management via the WEB GUI interface. The more recent Arcadyan and FAST 5688W both require the T-Mobile home internet mobile application for administrative management. 

The T-Mobile Home Internet mobile application ONLY provides wireless access to the gateways via the home internet WIFI network. The mobile app can be downloaded via the application store for the respective phone.