More connectivity issues

  • 9 March 2021
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We've only had our T-Mobile home internet for about 3 days now. When it works right it's awesome. 90 to 100 meg down, 30 or 40 meg up.


We've seen instances of sporadic connectivity however. Right now neither my wife nor I can't connect to LinkedIn on our phones when connected through T-Mobile home internet, but when we connect through our normal ISP no problem at all.


The issue is not limited to linkedin, it's just something that's reproducible right now, but will go away in half an hour.

Needless to say this makes the service not useful for us. We'll be sending the box back unless some fix magically appears in the near future.

If anyone else reading this has had similar issues, please add them below. Hopefully somebody from tech support will read this. When I spoke to tech support yesterday, it was news to them that I would be having sporadic on activity and they told me that they hadn't heard of it. But yet I read many people on the forums have had similar issues. Maybe if you add them to this thread and they're consolidated then they would rise up and be more visible to tech support.


Thanks in advance!


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