My devices on Home Internet network listed as "Unknown"

  • 4 April 2021
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We recently moved to Home Internet and several of our devices have problems with upload speeds (if at all). Turns out those devices are listed in the app’s Devices section as “Uknown_” followed by their MAC addresses. Other devices, experiencing no problems, are listed by their names. 

The devices experiencing this problem are two computers and one Samsung smartphone, whereas a Google Pixel smartphone does not have this problem. Two different Surface devices are unknown, but a very old Macbook pro is known. I’ve tried deregistering, reconnecting, restarting, but there’s no change. 

Did anybody experience similar problems? 

Strangely, if I text network speed on either of the Surface devices the app (the one recommended by TMO) the upspeed times out or is “not available." The app gives an error. But if I'm on a VPN, it works...


1 reply


I’ve run into the same problem. Everything but my Deco router shows up as “Unknown”. On my Deco, there is also a device list, but it lets me edit the device name to something easily recognized like “iPad”.