NAT/forwarding issues while gaming/streaming

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Hey guys, I'm new here... I just got my gateway in yesterday... I must say, I'm highly disappointed and I only wish I researched this further before I ordered it...I've already done multiple searches on this topic, so I'm not gonna ask the question I've been wanting to ask which was: "Why isn't my connection open NAT?", or "Why can't I port forward?". I've pretty much answered all of those questions myself by simply searching. I have taken it upon myself to call T-mobile's tech support anyways in the event that somehow a miracle is sent my way....


Fortunately for me, a very kind gentleman by the name of Alex, employee number 786457, assured me that they will be fixing the problem within a 48 hour period. I was told there will be some Beta software sent to my unit "possibly". And yes, that was the word used... Not sure how far I can believe that, seeing as how a lot of you are having issues. But anyway, this is my journey. I will post some updates here n there to let y'all know the outcome. Worst case scenario this causes me to vacate the community & the service entirely. Because this is probably one of the largest handicaps any network can have, it's almost like having parental control without it actually being implemented. Stay tuned folks, I'll let you know what happens. 


Hopefully this "beta" program isn't bullcucky.

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Just letting everyone who reads this know that my issue is resolved. A firmware update recently released (this last weekend) has fixed this problem. If you're running into this same issue (can't game or stream) just call customer support, I'd request tech support. I spoke directly to a software engineer after speaking to a manager about my issue.


I don't have the ability to port forward manually just yet, however, while gaming most of my problems have been solved. They have opened up certain ports to allow streaming content and open communication on services like Xbox live, etc. My NAT is also changed from strict levels to moderate levels, with no drawbacks on hosting.  I can enjoy this as if it was regular cable internet.


I'm glad I didn't have to toss this service.


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A "specific question" was answered. And that's how to (paraphrasing here) work around the problem. If you honestly think that you will find a "fix" for a cellular data connection not giving you a static IPv4 connection... Then I don't know what to tell you. In my honest opinion, workarounds are the only absolute thing you've got right now. Go call the FCC and tell them how butthurt you are. 

You're the one butthurt about people replying to you. Next time don't create a whole forum if people may experience the same problems as you bozo.

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Would need a third party service that will allow you to forward packets back to your local router/devices.


Nater Tater has a YT video up about a reverse proxy tou can set up... there are other similar products with varying degrees of complexity to set up.


A more straight forward approach may be a VPN service that allows port forwarding.

There is the dedicated approach for gaming like WTFast that have been built into some routers (lime Asus, and they may support Netgear too?)... but those often tend to be limited a their own list of supported games (though, they do cover the more popular ones out there).

There is a "normal" VPN though, Windscribe, that you can set up to "reserve" an IP (not permanently, it will still renew and rotate periodically, but with much longer leases).  It allows you to assign up to 10 ports to forward.  Got to Features,, then click the link about static IP's to readout on it all..

They also provide scripts for installing the service on personal routers (with a supported OS like Tomato, DDWRT, Merlin, etc. that can also be installed on consumer brands like Netgear, Linksys, and Asus, among others) so your whole network can take advantage of it (like consoles, streaming boxes, etc.).  Nite that the cost will vary  depending on how you set up the IP reservation... it costs more to have access to more locations, etc. so you will want to read up on it all.


Go through all the options thoroughly if you want to go down this path.  It is going to cost extra, and want to make sure you understand what you are getting into up front.

Having the same issue with the new sagecom 5688 gateway I hope the come up with some kind of update for it.