new to T-vision - but maybe not for long

  • 26 December 2020
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new subscriber - attracted to the price point

I’ve been an early adapter of cut-the-cable service.

first moving to Youtube TV, then to Hulu+live after YTTV hiked their prices.

Hulu’s interface was lousy.  I was spoiled by YTTV’s ability to hide channels and order them anyway I liked - and Hulu's extra navigation to get anywhere.

so T-Vision is now on trial

biggest pro is price-point

it goes down-hill from there

No Local CBS????  okay, I get it - kinda but seriously how can any streaming service not include the top three networks?  so much so that I didn’t even bother to look for it (in your clunky advertised list of channels (seriously - no table for side-by-side comparison?))

T-Vision has the same lack of customization as Hulu - with channels in something close to alphabetical.  meaning scrolling through channels - off air and others I’ll never watch.  (YTTV spoiled me, I guess)

I was dissapointed that ROKU is not supported, but I thought “okay - I have a fire stick.”  but . . . oh - in the fine print - T-Vision does not support first gen Fire Stick.  So all the “savings” are lost in puchasing hardware.  this looks like the icing on the cake for me leaning out at this point.  Looking like the $15 more a month from YTTV is worth it to pay for convenience.

Guess you get what you pay for, but man - T-Mobile is so far behind.  Now, as I researched all this, I read a presser with T-mobile exec who’s saying T-Mobile doesn’t want to make money on T-Vision - just use it as a selling bonus for 5G wireless service.  That translates to me - “we’re not going to put much energy into improving this product because there is no margin.”

Might help if T-Mobile showed some tranparency.  1. Sorry we have no CBS channels, but we are in negotiation.  2.  These are the improvements in order of priority that our developers are working on.  3. Here’s a link to a table to compare our packages and prices . . . .

(yeah like “CBS” can’t even be tagged in this post)

4 replies

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I have Sling TV and the only local channel I have is Fox. Not a deal breaker because we have the basic channel package through our wireless provider and I can sign into their app and stream them.

The biggest issue with me was no Roku support.

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I’m with ya. I signed up for the $10 Vibe plan but the combination of not being on Roku, not working with an HDMI adapter on my phone or iPad and needing to add a $5 DVR option because the shows I want to watch are on at oh-dark-thirty, all combine to make it not really worthwhile.

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Thanks for posting. We’ve heard a lot of this feedback before and TVision is still a work in progress. I imagine we’ll continue to make improvements on it that gives more customers what they want. It could just take some time. Thanks again for giving us feedback on the service!

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A lot of people are bringing up the same suggestions, so I hope T-Mobile takes note of all this feedback and makes some changes soon.