NOK 5G21 home internet VPN issue

  • 22 January 2021
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I got this new 5G gateway and satisfied with speed and stability.

However, I am having problem with using VPN, and this will be a deal breaker.

User interface is so basic, and APN setup is not present.

BTW, the same VPN setup works fine with the Spetrum cable internet.

I hate Spectrum but have to return this T Mobile home internet gateway if VPN issue is not fixed.

Does anyone  else have VPN issue like me?

10 replies

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Almost everybody has VPN issues with the Nokia 5G gateway.  Does not look like T-MO cares.

Surf around on Reddit, way more active users over there:


Almost everybody has VPN issues with the Nokia 5G gateway.  Does not look like T-MO cares.

Surf around on Reddit, way more active users over there:

Thanks for the link.

I am disappointed that TMobile and Nokia are using us as beta testers.

VPN is must to have when so many people are working from home these days. I am surprised that they did not verify the VPN functionality before rolling out NOK5G21 and its user interface.

Technical support doesn’t have much knowledge on VPN and not realize the severity of this issue. As much as I am rooting for T-Mobile’s success beating out the existing the cable providers, I am certainly concerned about its speed and ability to resolve this issue.

I use PIA as my VPN for streaming. It did not work until a went into settings and turned on the switch to lower the packet size. Works fine now. However, the download is slower, by that is a common with any VPN. Even with the VPN on, T-Mobile 5g21 is faster than My AT&T simcard wireless setup. 

Got my gateway 3 days ago. No success accessing my employer VPN either. I will call IT and TMO support...

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Just a note….I use Cisco AnyConnect for VPN services with work and I have NOT had any issues connecting.

I also use Cisco AnyConnect VPN for my work computer--my wife does as well--and neither of us have had problems.  For reference, the Nokia is connected to a mesh through an ethernet, and I set the mesh to AP mode, since there was no option for bridge mode on the Nokia.

An update… so my Cisco AnyConnect VPN still works great but my NordVPN for personal use kills my internet access when I allow it to automatically select the VPN protocol or if I manually select IKEv2.  It works fine, however, if I select UDP or Nordlynx.

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Well at least your Gateway works, 6 weeks of trying for me, at first it was good but still had to be rebooted every day, then one day the 5g signal gave up and I was stuck with SLOW speeds. 

I HATE Spectrum but had to go back to them. The Good news is you can sign up with Spectrum online, if its been almost 30 days, you will get the $49 price for 1 year which is what I did, no contract and if TMobile ever gets their act together I will go back sooner and if not I will wait the one year and try again.

I have the white Askey router and use Cisco AnyConnect for VPN for work.  For about three months the T-Mobile service was near perfect.  Now I have experienced multiple days on and off where my max speed over VPN is less than 1 mbps while off VPN I consistently have 150 / 50 mbps (or better!).  I’ve reset my router to factory defaults without any luck.  The intermittent connectivity is absolutely maddening and I know for certain nothing was changed on the side of the work VPN.   T-Mobile just blames my work vpn for being IVP4 only.  


Using Cisco AnyConnect VPN which works fine but my company also uses VeloCloud SD-WAN for teleworkerswhich is unable to establish tunnels.  A PCAP shows the VCE sending its tunnel establishment traffic using UDP 2426 but not getting any return traffic.  Ping and other traffic works fine.  Any idea if UDP 2426 VPN traffic is being blocked?