Nokia Gateway hangs up

  • 22 December 2021
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For about 7 weeks now I have Home Internet with the Nokia Gateway (“trash can”, hardware version 3TG00739AABB). I am in the West end of Chicago and overall internet speeds are great (downloads between 350 and 640 MBit max under good conditions), influenced by the time of day and to which tower the gateway is connected.

What I observe are occasional hang-ups of the gateway, where all internet traffic ceases to work on both WiFi and Ethernet. One can soft-reboot, which sometimes works to restore service, or in some cases have to hard restart by switching off and on. At the moment of the hang-up, the gateway’s web interface and the iOS app still show everything as green and connected.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that these hang-up almost always happen when I start a large upload via a computer connected via ethernet. If another device downloads something at the same time, the internet connections goes out. Last Saturday this happened reproducibly several times in a row and I had to soft reboot three times and hard reboot twice. So this really looks like some stack overflow or software issue in the gateway. On each occasion, there are not outages reported for the local towers, and my T-Mobile phone on LTE does works fine during the gateway’s outage.

Anybody else experiencing such hang-ups? I am on firmware 1.2101.00.1609

5 replies

Yes I’m seeing issues similar to this.  200mb down and powering my mesh network via just the ethernet port (I don’t use the device’s wifi).  Once or twice a day, internet connectivity just stops from all my devices.  My Eero mesh network complains the internet is down.  Logging into the Tmobile modem shows that everything is fine.  Cellular is fine, and internet is fine.  However, no data appears to flow through the ethernet connection etc.  If I unplug power, ethernet, and turn off the modem, wait 10 seconds and turn it on, everything starts working again with 1-2 minutes (after it boots up and reconnects everything).  Definitely something going on with this device.  My older tmobile 4G LTE model I had before this (white box) never had this problem. 


I’m on firmware 1.2101.00.1609

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Thanks for sharing your observations. Were your outages related to uploads as well?

I can still confirm that my hangups only happen after sustained uploads. Then, not every longer upload causes a hangup each and every time. My gateway was recently up for 20+ days, no issues, while I did not have big uploads.

I haven’t been able to narrow that much down yet.  I have 20+ devices on the network and I work from home while my children do school, etc.  There are many computers, tablets, Nintendo switches, Xbox, etc.  It’s very likely it could be related to sustained upload, but I couldn’t prove it without pulling everything off the network and doing some controlled tests. 

I am seeing the same issue with Nokia gateway. Several times a day I will not have internet. My Eero gateway will turn red. I know this is on the Nokia gateway because my work computer connects directly into the 2nd LAN port on Nokia and it will lose connection too.  Internet will restore after power cycle the Nokia unit. There’s definitely some bugs in Nokia on how it handles TCP/IP traffic that causes the gateway to hang up like that.  Can someone at T-Mobile bring the issue to Nokia and have a fix. I am not sure how many more times I want to reset my gateway before cancelling my service with T-Mobile and try something more reliable. Does T-Mobile offer other gateways besides Nokia?

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I am seeing the same issue with Nokia gateway. Several times a day I will not have internet.  Internet will restore after power cycle the Nokia unit. Does T-Mobile offer other gateways besides Nokia?


The Nokia gateway is known to sometimes have overheating problems, giving symptoms like you describe.  A fan might be worth a try.


T-Mobile has recently offered another 5G gateway, the Arcadyan, which some customers have swapped the Nokia for.