OMG Fix PC Gaming on Home Internet. My God!

  • 1 September 2021
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Been having issues trying to play Iron Banner in Destiny 2. Lagging my CHEEKS OFF. Players literally Teleporting & Skipping on my screen. Honestly this is bullshit i play $60 just to have issues like this all day long or every week an I’m not even a MILE away from the tower.


I shouldn't even be lagging as socks off. Fix you’re shit T-Mobile. Sometimes i blame the De-Prioritization that been set on the ISP. 


Also having issues this this as well. Is lovely too. Getting kicked due to latency issues an I'm literally 40ms from Seattle. 


3 replies


In reading other issues with the Home Gateway, I doubt you are going to see a fix anytime soon. The response I read was around UPNP and creating that as a feature on the gateway. The gateway configuration leaves a lot to be desired in it’s current state IMHO as a network engineer the least being UPNP.

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Their XLAT464 implementation for dealing with IPV4 over their IPV6 segments breaks inbound unsolicited traffic (can't forward ports properly).

This breaks the P2P side of Bungie's networking model.

Basically, this reduces you to getting updates only from their servers at less than half the rate you would otherwise get them from players (some only come 10x a second from Bungie).


This is an infrastructure change that would need to take place to resolve it properly... not just an issue for their modems.


You may be able to resolve the bulk of this IF you can set up a VPN that will support the P2P traffic well... something like WTFast, etc.

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It’s a know issue with Destiny 2 that affects everyone.  Hackers have been using various methods to lag spike the game to gain an advantage.  There are videos demonstrating this on YouTube as well.