Optimizing Home Internet for consistent upload speed

  • 30 June 2022
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Hi everyone! I have been through hell trying to get the most consistent service using my new home internet setup.  I initially got the grey cylinder and through some troubleshooting / research / 20+ hours on the phone with fairly useless tech support via the Philipenes but have recently gotten a second line with the Arkadian model.  


I just set up the new device and am not getting anywhere near the speeds from the grey cylinder + a TP-link wifi router that seemed to boost the signal a good bit.  Do I need to get another router for this new device? Or a wifi booster? Or should I connect directly to the black box with a good ethernet cord? My job relies on very consistent and fast upload bitrate so ultimately that is the goal.  So far, I’ve tried everything except reaching out here so I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask! 


Any/all advice would be very helpful! Thanks!!!

1 reply

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post screen shots of your Advanced Cellular Metrics from the Tmobile app. It is an option under “more” at the bottom of the screen. Show both primary and secondary tabs. Also show the SpeedTest results.