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  • 18 November 2021
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In the less than 2-months of Home Internet service, I have experienced 3 outages.  Well, to be exact, they were not complete outages, but it was more like a loss of my 5G signal, which to me is like an outage since I have everything going through my internet connection — phone, TV and internet.  I also work from home so these outages really affect me because as soon as I loose my 5G connection, my VPN to work cuts out.  

Every time I call in to see what the issue is, the agents usually are not much help,  they either tell me to restart my gateway or that they are working on one of the towers in my area.  

When I experience an issue, the first thing I try is rebooting my gateway so I don’t want to call in just to have them tell me to do what I already did or that someone is working on a tower in my area.  Is there some kind of outage map so that we can just go to the map and see if there is a problem with a local tower?  

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