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  • 27 October 2021
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Does anyone have first hand experience setting up a “Bridge Mode” on the Silver Tower? If so can you explain who to do it. What the proper changes are to be made?


Thank you.


Just plugging a patch cord from your Gateway to to a wireless mesh like Net-Gear Orbi 6 is not a bridge mode.

3 replies

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You’re welcome to reach out to our dedicated Home Internet team, however, I’ve checked in the Nokia guide and our internal docs and haven’t seen any official steps for bridge mode. I’d be cautious about other folks’ suggestions on how to set this up if/when you come across these steps.

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Thank you Mike. 

I would not change anything without knowing that is can be done.  I read that a new gateway has been built for T-Mobile, which looks like it has big upgrades.  There are even connections to add external roof top antennas.

Here is some info on the new gateway.  I hope it will be available to all of us.  My connection is “fair” however, its as good as my Xfinity was.  I very pleased to save $$.



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Bridge mode is not available. With a mesh system you will have double NAT. Port forwarding is not available either. Some options you could try are VPN, ZeroTier and PFSense.