Required changes for Nokia 5G home gateway "the trash can"

  • 9 January 2022
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These have been mentioned on various other threads be we need a thread that discusses the REQUIRED changes for this device to be taken seriously.  At the end of the day I just need a dumb modem.  But specifically we need these options to all be in the admin web page.


  • Allow admins to enable HTTPs access to the Gateway,
  • Allow admins to 100% turn off the WiFi radios,
  • Allow admins to access the Gateway’s internal firewall, and be able to create/modify rules, check logs, etc.
  • Allow admins to 100% disable the gateway’s internal firewall if so desired.
  • Allow admins to switch the device to bridge mode.


Honestly the last option would solve 90% of power users problems because then they could just use their existing home router to do everything else the way they were before they switched to T-Mobile.  I can tell this is a pretty powerful device by reading up on the Nokia Fastmile home page, which is this same device unbranded.  All of the above can easily be done with this device and if I had to guess, the unbranded Nokia device probably does all of this stuff already.

EDIT:  In fact, here in the Nokia FastMile manual I see most of the options we need, T-Mobile just needs to turn them on.  Nokia: Nokia FastMile 5G R1 0 03 Gateway End User Guide

(The T-Mobile version of this device is the equivalent of the Nokia FastMile 5G 3.1, which moves the ports to the side of the device instead of the bottom (Fastmile 3.0)

5 replies

I certainly don’t have the knowledge to add to your comments, however I agree with you and hope T-Mobile will listen. All I want is a modem to connect to my router.

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I took mine back and canceled the service.  I could stand inconsistent service or hobbled device but not both at the same time.


I'll try this again in a few years when maybe Tmobile has figured all of this out.  Definitely beta service.

Sorry to hear you did not have good service. I’ve been impressed so far. Typically I get about 500 Mbps down and 90+ up to my router.

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Got that the first week or so, then pings got higher, speeds started dropping to right around 100 down, and at times during FPS games it would lag and stutter really bad.  Also watched the signal go from good in the beginning to weak even though I never moved the device.

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These are all thing I would like to see, plus be able to see Devices with the web page and be able to edit them,