Reseting Wifi Password

  • 19 December 2021
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I am trying to reset my wifi password but when I use the tmobile internet app it doesn’t give me a “Forgot password’ option like everthing I have read says it should… any ideas?

4 replies


I thought the “Forget password” feature is on your phone when trying to connect to an SSID. It has nothing to do with the gateway or router. To change your WIFI password, you can just change it thru your t-mobile app or desktop.

How do you change the wifi password? I do not see any way to do it on the app or desk top.

In the app, go to the “more” tab.


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If you want to change your WIFI password, i.e. the password/passphrase associated with the SSID for the WIFI radio you need to login to the gateway as “admin” with the proper password first. If you did not change the authentication for the “admin” account upon setup then look at the sticker on the gateway for the default password/passphrase. 

“If you configure a custom admin password and forget it, use the password reset function found within the T-Mobile Internet mobile app to reset the password to factory default.” (user manual)

If you are using the Arcadyan gateway you will probably need to use the mobile application. With the Nokia gateway using the web interface via makes things easy.