review after 2 months

  • 17 May 2021
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I wish I could say I'm really happy about this service but I can't. The wifi on the 5g didn't work well with Google devices and as a result I had to use my own router which slows the speed down to half of what I'm supposed to get. But the bigger problem is internet dropping frequently. The only fix is to turn it off and back on. It's happening more than it should ever. It's not perfect and I would hope tmobile is aware of these issues and can let the customer know that they are fixing it but as of now I haven't heard anything. It's because of this that I'm most likely going to cancel it soon for something more stable.

3 replies

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I switched over from Cox because I they were not reliable enough for me.  When it worked, it worked great.  But when it flaked out, there was no quick fix.  Tech support could never confirm an issue.  I had just requested my 3rd modem in less than a year when I decided to try out T-Mobile.  Right away I learned that the device was not going to do internet and wi-fi.  Fortunately I had recently upgraded the wi-fi router I was using with Cox.  I’ve come to learn that these all-in-one devices just can’t do it all reliably.  Offloading the wi-fi to a dedicated device seems to be the way to go.  If your speeds are slower through your dedicate wi-fi router, make sure the WAN / internet port on it is gigabit.  Older routes only needed 100 Mbps ports because internet providers couldn’t support anything higher.  My wi-fi router / T-Mobile combo has been reliable when it’s working.  For some reason it will not hold a connection forever or it does not handle some sort of interruption well.  So it needs to be reset maybe once a week.  I’ve got 12 days before.  Resetting is easy.  Power button.  If that’s not convenient, make sure you have access to the web admin.  If the internet goes out I can have it back up in less than 5 minutes without getting off my couch.  And when it’s working, it works great.  For me, I’d rather have a service with a sporadic glitch I can reliably fix than a service I can’t fix at all.  Another nice side effect of the dedicate wi-fi is that most devices don’t lose signal.  Just internet.  So rebooting the modem does not send everything searching for a new signal while it’s down.  Your mileage may very but for me T-Mobile is a win and I’m homing the upcoming firmware upgrade will improve it even more.

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My wireless is a Google Wifi, which is wifi 5.  It has a gigabit port, however I have heard from others that it is just slower and so i am actually looking to replace it with a wifi 6 real soon.  I am not going to give up on Tmobile yet.  I really appreciate you taking the time to respond, it helped!

I'd like to address the issue of free phones. And 2019 I purchased a and sign can class and I was supposed to get the Samsung Note for free. In the end my total bill was over $2,200. They said I would get that back. It was a two-year contract that in December of 2020 I paid off the Samsung Plus and was told I have no contract but I would still receive my payment back on the second phone that was supposed to be free at $9 and some cents. When I disconnected the second line which was the Samsung Plus I was told my phone bill would go up to $80 a month for one phone and I would not get back the money for the free phone. I was misled all the way around by T-Mobile and the phone was not free! I'm very disappointed in T-Mobile I spent hours on the phone and finally they put my bill back at 54 one phone and I don't have half of the things that a $27 phone bill a month would have. They have a $27 and some odd cents phone can get if your 55 but they don't offer it to you if you're a loyal customer. Being 70 years old and on a fixed income I never expected T-Mobile to do what they've done to me. I feel like they cheated me all the way around. I paid for the other phone but yet my phone was not free even though I paid off the other phone. They force me to keep a second line on there so I could get $9 and some odd cents back every month but that still wouldn't total what they charged me for the phone itself. Be wary of their deals because you will pay in the end a free tablet is not a free tablet I'm here to tell you. I used to trust T-Mobile and I've been with them quite a few years but now I don't trust them. They've made my life difficult financially for the past year-and-a-half. They didn't fulfill their ad and that was false advertising. I'll never trust one of their ads again. I don't know if anyone else has gone through situations with T-Mobile like this the buyer beware. I might also add I brought you customers to them and they were supposed to give me a $50 credit for doing some but I did not do it for the money I get it to help them because they were on a phone plan that was way expensive. They never did give me the $50 credit for each new customer I brought to them and touted their service. But that's okay I don't care I just don't like being cheated when I purchase a phone through a company that's supposed to be reliable and care about their customers. Now I paid $50 and don't even get 5G service are so it says on my phone when I check to see what I had. I hope somebody in the main office reads this because they need to know either Shady deals they're pulling on innocent customers who just want a good phone company. I gave them five stars many times because I thought they were the best company around. Not now they don't deserve even two stars. T-Mobile get your act together before you lose customers like Verizon did, with their hidden costs and fees.