Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway keeps turning off and on again

  • 14 March 2023
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Hi! I need some help because my Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway keeps turning off and on again. When it’s on, it works just fine, but then my device disconnects and when I look over to my modem it’s rebooting for no reason. It’s happening at different times throughout the day so it’s not due to the nighttime updates. I changed which outlet it was plugged into thinking maybe there was a short, but it’s still doing it. Really frustrated because if it wasn’t for the modem rebooting randomly throughout the day, I would have no complaints. 


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4 replies

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If you have already checked the power cable and plug, I would take it in and ask to exchange the unit. 

Good luck!

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I agree with copz1998’s reply. Sounds like you got a bum unit. There is, however, one thing that you could check, at least to rule it out. Sometimes when the gateway goes to update itself, it fails and then reboots to restore the original firmware. Either way, I'd call Support and tell them you want a new gateway.

Good luck! 


My Nokia started doing the same thing in January after several exchanges and password changes I have found that in my case I believe it is my Wyze cameras that is causing the reboots.  The only Wyze product that I have that does not cause my gateway to reboot is the Wyze base that has 2 outdoor cameras connected to it. I have opened a ticket with Wyze and waiting for a response.  I would change your passwords and slowly add devices (Alexa, cameras, etc).  If it starts rebooting you have found the cause. 


Thanks everyone for your suggestions and support! I heard back from Sagemcom who suggested resetting the modem. I did and it seems to have worked. A little annoying to have to do setup all over again, BUT very grateful it worked. For anyone with this issue in the future, try this and the other helpful suggestions in this thread. Hope it works!