Serious problems since this morning in Sarasota area


There is a lot of internet outages since this morning. My zip code is FL 34238. That seems due from a poor 5G signal. Usually, since many months, there is a 3 bars signal but today a max of 2 bars. This is a true nightmare: no internet, no email, no bank access, no TV.



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T-Mobile monkeys on the tower swinging on the cables! Give em a day or two and they will get it all back to normal, or not. We had a couple of episodes here where the cellular signals from the tower were all messed up for a few days when they were “working’ on the equipment. They may be putting new gear in for upgrades or trying to improve things. There is never any notification ahead of time it seems. Hang in there. You get to go visit the coffee shop and have a nice cup of joe.

i have same problems with home internet and same excuses given by tech support every time. I am ready to switch to att fiber service as soon as it is available 

moving tower or connecting and disconnecting don’t help


Thank you!

The problem now seems to be solved.
It would have been really nice if T-Mobile Home Internet had properly warned us if it was a question of foreseeable maintenance or improvements, because we also need to get organized and yesterday's outage was really bad timing, whereas with good information given the day before, it would have been no problem at all and would have avoided tedious troubleshooting yesterday.
May this request be heard !



Tuesday: nightmare 

Wednesday: correct

Thursday: nightmare until 5pm

What I can hope fou tomorrow Friday?