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  • 19 July 2021
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I just got T-Mobile Internet in mid April of this year.  For the first 4 to 6 weeks the speed ranged from a low of around 12 to 15 Mbps download to a high between 25 - 50.  Since then the best I have gotten is maybe 6.5 for a high and less than 1.0 on the low side.  Prior to this I had Att which was only 3.5,  Never higher but never lower.  Needless to say the first few weeks with T-Mobile internet I was very happy.  I should say that our phone signal normally is only 1 to 2 bars (T-Mobile).  The other issue I have is because of the low signal, only 2 bars on Internet so WIFI calling will not work.  Considering changing internet back to ATT even though it was only 3.5 speed but at least we never missed a call because of WIFI calling.

Two questions.

1) Why would the speed decrease so drastically after the first several weeks was more than 10 times better than the ATT 3.5?  

2) Does T-Mobile offer a signal booster?  I have a two story house so I could mount the antenna up high and run cable to inside.  Generally I have 3 or more bars if outside.  

Thanks,  Tim

2 replies

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In regard to question 2, I do not think T-Mobile offers any external antenna but Waveform seems popular on Facebook and Reddit discussions. (I personally have not tried it.)


Good Luck

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You may also want to check and see if you’re having overheating issues.