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  • 11 March 2021
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Ok, so a follow-up:  Turning the gateway off overnight to let it cool down didn’t do anything in terms of signal restoration.  I called tech support this morning and asked they reset the the cell tower connection on their end.  Within 20-minutes, they reset the connection and called me back to verify connectivity.  Secondary signal restored.  They also created a trouble ticket report to record this incident in case something like this happens again.  Very good tech support and happy to see my speeds return!


Been having the same issues here and have been following this thread in the back ground and its spot on with whats happening to me. Have only had TM internet for a little over a month now and have talked to tech-support no less than 4 times with the vanishing 5g signal. 

I’ve heard all the standard excuses from TM support and I found the only solution i get is to reboot my device via the gateway about 3 times and finally the secondary signal comes back. 

For reference i got the trash can’s wifi signal shut off and only using it as a wired router. I have my orbi mesh on line. I NEVER loose my 5g signal on my t-mobile phone anytime this happen’s. The tower is maybe ¾ of a mile from my house line of sight is perfect. Full 5 bar signal always to my iphone anywhere in my house. Now the trash can gets 4 bars when its on primary  and  3 bars on secondary . Now it may stay this way for days until usually overnight it seems to dump the secondary..

Just wanted to put my experiences in here. 

thanks for the thread folks!

My secondary signal (n71) was coming in great for several months then a month ago it stopped. My speed has dropped 50 percent. Technically support is completely useless. They don’t know anything about there product. At this time I have no other options for internet and am concerning canceling it anyway. I really wish they would let me provide my own gateway.

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Well I finally lost the secondary signal all together.


Gateways on 1.2101.00.1609 and has been up for 6+ days no real issue. I have gone into it on other threads about can location and towers but for this topic just know the can is in the best place.

I was getting B66 and n71 and I would say average download speed has been 75ish 20ish up varies with time of day. But we have been able to maintain our zoom calls and watch 4k with no buffering so for the price no complaints.

Just this am I noticed no change in speed but decided to look at the gateway home page and noticed no secondary signal at all. So I ran some speed test and really no change at all same speeds as always.

Now in the past I would have 3 bars on both primary and secondary and about the same db and readings.

So I had posted in the past how does this gateway think what is the logic???

I had thought and been told that it uses the 5G secondary signal when it has one BUT I am not sure that’s really the case. I have the same speeds now with just a 4G signal that I always had with the 5G so I think it was using the 4G all the time.

Note the TM map puts me in the Ultra 5G coverage area so really I should be having super fast downloads well over 100 actually 300-500 by the map.

Since we have work calls I am not going to reboot the can now that will have to wait till the work day is done. But what is the point anyway of trying to regain the 5G secondary signal it seems to have not even been used.

Clear to me there are some real inconsistencies in this can.

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Ok just reset the can and the n71 is back all signal readings are the same like before and no change in speed. So it seems even though I have a 5G signal the can is clearly not using it at all.



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Again this am the secondary signal is gone.

No change in speed further proof that my can just uses 4G even though I am smack dab in the middle of a Ultra 5G coverage area.