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hi all, had my kvd21 on since receiving about 25 days ago. Monday got my first “SIM error detected… SIM002” message. Powered unit off for 3 minutes and it returned to service- no issues. now 3 days later the error’s returned.

Called CC and they wanted me to look at the SIM. WOW, it appeared it was not locked in place. 

I usually will give a best-shot fix before picking up the phone but with SIMs and the new device I thought Shirley it’s something bad. But not in this case. hth



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Yes, I also noticed there isn’t a “click” to indicate full insertion on the KDV21. On the Nokia gateway there is definitely a “click”.

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So it appears the SIM tray in the Arcadyan GW is not as secure as the Nokia GW. I have seen other Arcadyan users reporting errors that appear to be SIM related so it seems to fit. It sounds as if T-Mobile support has had some close encounters with the Arcadyan SIM tray before. 😎 With the Nokia GW I have had since the BETA period it just keeps going like a well balanced top. I just hope it stays that way a long time.