Some websites wont load. Tmobile home internet with NOK 5G21 GATEWAY

  • 1 March 2021
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I've been having this issue from day 1. My connection is pretty good I get on average 40mbs down and 5 up. Never disconnects according to gateway and network overview page. However sometimes YouTube just stops loading pages when I refresh or try to navigate to another page. If I'm watching a video the video will continue to buffer just fine but if I open another YouTube tab or refresh the one I'm on, it will just continually load or just say oops you lost connection. But I can pull up amazon or eBay or the news or any other website as long as its not YouTube. It only last for a couple mins and it will load the page. Or I can reset the router and it'll sometimes fix for a few mins. I do notice that when I'm loading the oculus store on my quest 2 it will hang up and give me an error then start working after I try again. So its not just YouTube but its the website that gives me the most issues


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Hmm, if resetting is only a temporary fix, I’d contact our Tech Care team to put together a Trouble Ticket and get engineers involved.

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Hmm, if resetting is only a temporary fix, I’d contact our Tech Care team to put together a Trouble Ticket and get engineers involved.

I have the exact same issue as original poster. We just got our Nokia box about 3 days ago. It works most of the time, but uploads randomly don't work. At first showed up on speed test, but I see the same thing on LinkedIn, email, trying to browse YouTube videos, and basically everything I do. It works great when it works, but it doesn't work sometimes.


I like the original poster, I spoke to tech support about this today. They told me they never heard of this issue. If you read the user forms here, the original poster and myself are not the only two people seeing issues like this. I recommend having tech support read the forums.

I'm about ready to cancel the service, which is a shame because when it works it's awesome. but it reminds me of a car where the engine dies as you trying to accelerate onto the highway. It's frustrating and not worth putting up with.

I am having similar issues. Being I am a network engineer I expect better. I have had the home internet service for almost a week and I have found that I cannot use this service for working from home as lag spikes are so bad that I can't use this for voice reliability at all. There are times when my response times have exceeded 3000ms and of course all traffic just stops. In looking at the router there is no drop in signal, just very poor performance. I have also witnessed time when some sites will not load. Yesterday I had to jump back to my ATT cellular to send an email. It appears this service has some rather large issues on the backbone and head end with routing and throughput. So far I am very disappointed.