Spamhaus says my IP sent spoofed emails when no devices were connected to home internet router

  • 31 March 2021
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Spamhaus blocked me from posting on a forum I frequent. In the details, it claims that at a specific time my IP was sending spoofed emails basically, but during the time in question, no devices were connected to the router. Is it possible the router changed IP addresses not long ago (any way to tell?) or is it possible the home internet router itself is compromised? Literally just signed up for T-Mobile home internet a month ago so I am not familiar with how often T-Mobile changes the IP addresses used by customers.

4 replies

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Pretty much anytime your router reconnects it can change the IP, and the IP is not just your IP.  It is sort of like carrier grade NAT or a VPN--many users can be behind that forward facing IP.  So it may not have been your system.

Restarting the modem or just going into the GUI and disconnecting for a few seconds and reconnecting can change your IP.


Just to be on the safe side, scan your systems/devices to make sure something malicious hasn't gotten on them.  Malwarebytes and Kaspersky have some decent free to use utilities if you need something to run those scans.


At the time they claimed, nothing was connected. I only have two computers that connect and both are already secured and have routine security checks. Since this notification, I’ve initiated the security checks again just to be sure and everything is clean it seems. It can’t be my phone either as I never use the wifi on it because when I do, text messages don’t always get received. So, unless the router itself is compromised, there must have been someone using the IP that got flagged right before my router decided to disconnect or something then obtained the IP.

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I doubt anything with the router would cause you not to be able to post on one specific forum. Of course you can go through the setup process again and check for updates. Those steps are a good start. 


I also had a problem setting up email on my tablet because it claimed that Spamhaus had flagged my IP address as being from a spammer. There was a link to a page in Spamhaus where I went to and attested that I was indeed not a spammer. Once I did that, I could set up email w/o issues and I haven’t a problem ever since.