speed issues on TM-RTL0102 LTE ROUTER IN FLORIDA

  • 25 February 2021
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Recently picked up  TMO 4g LTE router for use at dads home in FL speeds were good in OH and since I am temporarily residing in Florida for a family health issue...I did a temporary move transfer with TMO.  When I hooked up modem speed started at 25 down and 10 upload.  Each day of use worsened the situation until I went down to 10 down and 10 up and at times 5 and 5.  I am in daily contact with customer service and tech service.  I was called back by a supervisor blaming the issue on tower traffic in the area I am in and she offered me a plan with more data however no solution to the issue again blaming the towers in the area.  I have a tech promising me a solution by end of week  our data on 3 phones is now slowing. to 10 down and 5 up.  I feel the pain and I am Looking for help...

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